Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday dinner

On the way home this afternoon I stopped at Costco. Beaucoup dollars later I emerged. Among my purchases: a flat of tree-ripened nectarines and a bunch of stew meat.

The latter went into the slow cooker on a bed of sliced onions. I poured three small tins of medium Hatch chiles on top along with a handful of sun-dried tomatoes. Freshly ground black pepper, freshly ground sea salt, some thyme, and I turned that puppy on. Much later I thickened it with arrowroot.

Later I put brown rice in the rice cooker. You see, this is cooking for lazybones.

Then I sliced up most of the nectarines and made a nectarine crsip.

And finally I sauteed the zucchini from my yard (picked last weekend and still with firm texture) in lots of butter with salt, pepper, a splash of white balsamic, and a splash of brandy.

En voici le résultat.

Beef and green chile stew with brown rice and sautéed zucchini

Nectarine crisp warm from the oven with a scoop of mango ice cream

Life is good.

--the BB


Diane said...

makes me hungry just to read about it.

Paul said...

Wish you'd been here to share it.

Brian R said...

You amaze me calling this for 'lazybones'. Nearly all my cooking involves removing package from freezer, reading instructions and putting into microwave. However sadly I could not eat your dish as chili aggravates my hiatus hernia. You can imagine that I do not remember when I last entertained other than with bought cake and coffee. I prefer to meet friends in a restaurant.

Paul said...

LOL. Brian, most of my suppers are cheese and crackers, or something I really shouldn't be eating, or possibly nothing at all.

For 24 years my ex and I cooked for each other, almost entirely from scratch. Granted, I was cooking from scratch tonight, which is why I am proud enough to show off pictures. But tossing it in the slow cooker (and not even browning the meat first!), using a rice cooker so I don't have to boil water or adjust gas flames, I found it a pretty painless meal to prepare. Not a lot of stirring and tending, not many steps.

My ex is more Julia Child - start the sauce the day before....

Speaking of whom, I bought Julia's book on which half the recent movie was based. Look forward to it.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Delicious! Too bad you're so far away ;=)

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, I don't know what you think you're doing, luv, but I already ate supper, and now I'm hungry all over again.

Paul said...

Mimi, as you have chided me before: Try to keep up, love. That was Sunday's post, you should have gotten hungry then. LOL

Tonight all I can do is cry.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, I'm so sorry. I pray for heartsease for you, mon cher. It's a terrible tragedy.

You won't believe this, but my word verification is "hanki". Here's a hanki, luv.

Paul said...

Thanks, Mimi. I shall go through several tonight. I really appreciate your support today, very much.