Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Prayers for my Bishop

From DioBytes: eNews from the Diocese of California:
Bishop Marc to undergo surgery

On September 28, Bishop Marc Andrus is scheduled to have surgery for prostate cancer. His recovery time will be approximately three weeks. We ask that you include Bishop Marc and the entire Andrus family in your prayers.
I am canonically resident in the Diocese of California, so Bishop Marc is my bishop. I ask your prayers for him and the family.

Mimi scoops them again! I learned of this at Wounded Bird before coming home to find it in my e-mail. And she evidently learned it from MadPriest. Such a roundabout grapevine. For which I give thanks.

Lord Christ, be with your servant Marc and his family and the entire healing team before, during, and after surgery. Surround him with your love and light, uphold him in body and spirit, and keep him in health and your abiding joy. Amen.

--the BB


David said...

Prayer for Bishop Marc ongoing here

and prayers for Marc's wonderful priest Paul who is himself also a living blessing


susan s. said...

Yes, prayers.

What list do you have to be on to get emails from the diocese? Yes, I know it's obvious, but not to me.

Paul said...

Susan, I am researching right now. As a priest of the diocese I am rather permanently on mailing lists. I believe this link will work for you.