Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heart thread - 04/29/2010 - Updated

Let's get out our beads and pray up a storm tonight.

(Probably a bad analogy with the fierce winds whipping through New Mexico right now.)

My dear friend Kathy is having surgery tomorrow to break up kidney stones. She has been in pain for so long, let us pray that this brings relief soon and that the passing may be swift and tolerable. May God guide the doctor and all who minister to her. May recovery be rapid and total.

Susankay asks us to pray for Molly:
Paul -- we left Molly-the-WonderDog with vet/boarding yesterday as we departed to visit kids and grandkids. Got a cell phone message this afternoon that Molly has a tumor in her eye that is probably malignant and she will need to have her eye removed. Unable to contact vet but will try to talk to him tomorrow. Prayers for discernment on how to proceed. And that Molly not have pain.
Let us pray for the regions of the Gulf as the oil spill nears land. (Cf. Mimi here and WSJ here.) I just talked to Mimi as she was taking a walk and she can smell crude oil in the air.

Let us pray for the people of the UK as the election nears.

For the Chinese schoolchildren attacked with knives.

For Margaret as she participates in the Race for the Cure. For her husband Joel and their son Juan.

For Jack and his family.

For women everywhere in the struggle to have their full personhood honored.

For Mother Lauren.

For Esther.

For Tom.

For those consumed with confusion, anger, despair. For the lonely and the frightened. For those who live with chronic pain. For those who struggle to face each day.

UPDATE: We have requests from David@Montreal.

For Rose-Marie and her family.

"Ongoing healing prayers also asked for Mark (Mapko) and my cousin Frank and Dorian.

Travel mercies for Mark, returning from Haiti today.

love always- always Love"

Let us pray.

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...


Thanks for adding Tom's name. (Not Tom, my spouse - for your readers)

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!

David said...

What a gift to be able to pray in solidarity with the likes of you and Grandmere.

Prayers offered.

it's margaret said...

Many blessings Paul --big bear of prayer. And thank you for posting my link.

wv: antslu
I hope that is not an indication of your weekend in the garden.

Paul said...

Who knows what the weekend in the garden will be like. We had two days of fierce wind and today it has snowed on and off. We are slated for a freeze tonight, so I will be shrouding all my little fruit trees this evening.

susankay said...

Update: x-rays etc revealed no likely other tumors so went ahead with removal of Molly's left eye. She handled the anaesthesia well and we all await results of lab work on the eye next week. Thanks so much for the prayers.

Paul said...

A very gentle hug for dear Molly. May St Laika pray for her.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Susankay, I'm glad Molly's surgery went well. Join the club of people owned by one-eyed dogs. Diana does nicely with her one eye. Molly, the Wonder Dog, will be fine.

MadPriest said...

Hi Paul

Just received this from our friend, Suzer:

Dear Jonathan,

Will you please post a prayer request for my cousin, Cindy, her husband, Joe, and their two daughters, Morgan and Christina? Cindy and Joe's 5 year old son drowned today on a family fishing trip.

Needless to say, our whole family is in shock and grief. Why such things happen, I will never know.

Their son, Joe Jr., was fondly known as Deuce. Last summer, she posted a video of him on YouTube, as he sang at a local baseball game.

Please pray for this family, as their grief is something I just can't imagine. There are no words.

Thank you,

Suzer, at the now defunct "Wheel Inside the Wheel" blog