Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Herb pots

Part of last Sunday afternoon's planting was two herb pots. One has a stunning pink pelargonium and the other a purple and white columbine as central focal points. Around the edges are about eleven herbs. So close to the back door and the kitchen!

We have had very strong winds today, predicted to be stronger tomorrow. I opted against planting tonight and brought some of the waiting plants indoors. They were all watered last night and were dry this evening. Sigh. Perhaps Friday I can finally put them in.

Meanwhile, lots of lovely flowers to enjoy in the yard.

The cottonwoods have begun cottoning in the Rio Grande Valley. Yesterday there were minor swirls of cottony fluffs at lunch time and lots more as we left work. Today it has increased. Soon we will see them flying everywhere.

I am going to settle down and watch The Princess and the Frog tonight. Gotta have my intellectual stimulation.

--the BB

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