Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday brunch and garden tour

Brunch has ended and I am about to run an errand then return to planting. Here are some pics since I promised.

The west end of the new north wall planting

Sweet William at the base of a rose bush
(just for Margaret and Joel)

The yellow mix of calibrachoa, petunias, lilies, and snapdragons
(with a couple blue petunias thrown in) at base of Lady Banks

The blue planting of Grace Ward lithodora, nemesia,
salvia, and mixed blue and violet petunias at base of cherry

The salad at brunch: a bed of mesclun with feta
and raspberry vinaigrette, asparagus, avocado,
kumquats, strawberry, and grape tomato

For the foodies among my friends: We then had a whole wheat sourdough French toast (with vanilla and cinnamon in the egg and half-and-half batter) with fresh strawberries, blackberries, butter, and maple syrup.

Time to get cracking and see how much more I can finish planting before sundown.

--the BB


Michal Anne said...

lovely. But Paul, when do you rest?

Paul said...

Good question, Michal Anne. Probably when this manic period ends (and hopefully soon).

it's margaret said...

You are so wonderful!
Your garden is wonderful!
the food looks delicious!

But those little flowers are sweet william!!???? Oh My --ours is already about 4 feet tall, a woody shrub with the most incredible dusky purple flowers that look like dried straw flowers before they are dried!! ohhhhh --now I'm really going in circles!

But, you ARE wonderful, manic or not. Love ya, dude.

it's margaret said...

Oh my --I have just been informed, while I had sweet william on my mind, it is actually sweet betsy that grew outside his window --and indeed, when I search images for sweet betsy, there she is.... much for william.... sigh.

Paul said...

I am sure Betsy and William both understand. After all, they are both sweet.

Paul said...

Sweet Betsy has a related species of the same genus (spice bush) that is native to California and I believe I have seen it in the Sierra. When I went to look at a photo of Sweet Betsy I immediately thought of my days identifying flora of the yellow pine zone.