Sunday, April 25, 2010

This afternoon's photos

This afternoon I managed to finish the plantings around roses and two large pots with herbs. My fingernails are very dirty and my body aches but I am feeling very content with the weekend's accomplishments,

Gaillardia, calendula, coreopsis, white meadow salvia, dwarf marigolds, white petunias planted in front of a white iceberg tree rose.

Carnations, dianthus, dahlias, and two pink flowers (whose names I have already forgotten) planted in front of a climbing blaze rose that was a bare root three seasons ago and is lush and thriving this year.

Lithodora, salvia, nemesia, and blue and purple petunias at the base of the Black Tartarian Cherry tree (which has a few cherries growing on it).

Wallflower, dahlias, petunias, and the purple daisy-like flower (whose name I have forgotten also) planted at the base of the Santa Rosa plum.

Here you can see the new climbing Blaze rosebush on the left, the Lady Banks rose that just burst into small yellow blooms today, the yellow collection at its base, and the burgundy iceberg rose with purple dianthus in front of it. This is the southwest corner of the yard with reflections of sunlight from the windows of my house hitting the wall.

I hope you enjoyed today's garden tours. I saved a few photos for later.

--the BB

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The Cunning Runt said...

Beautiful, Paul - compared to this, we're still entirely at Square One.

But it's coming, and these shots are encouraging - Thanks!