Thursday, May 13, 2010

The evening workout

Two nights ago I was digging a trench in heavy wind. This evening was beautiful, balmy, and calm. I stopped, as usual, at the Despot, and loaded my car with more compost and mulch and a few other items. (No roses. I have my thirty.)

I came home, schlepped everything from the car to the back yard, and set to work. My neighbors came over and visited a while.

The windbreak is now in place On one side are the Purezza rambler rose and a grapevine, on the other a honeysuckle. I am counting on these three to cover the trellis in no time. On the east side that one sees entering the yard from the side of the house are white petunias, magenta million bells, and something else (I forget what already).

There is a stretch along the south wall between the present border plants and this windbreak and I plan to put blue delphiniums, purple foxgloves, pale pink petunias, deep purple petunias, and snapdragons.

This weekend I must get serious about dead heading.

I then had some supper and watched TV until The Daily Show was over. I am tired and my body aches just a bit from the exercise.


Sweet dreams, my frolicking fritillaries.

--the BB

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