Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sharing birthdays - updated with second photo

In my family three of us share yesterday as a birthday: my cousin Judy, my cousin Bessie, and I.

This is a photo of cousin Raymond and Bessie on their wedding day. Raymond has been gone for some time now but Bessie is still kicking. She is a truly wonderful lady and I just came across this photo and wanted to wish her, and cousin Judy, a happy (belated) birthday.

Family is a fluid thing. Raymond's parents were Uncle Ollie and Aunt Roxie. Ollie was Roxie's second husband; her first was an actual uncle in my family. So although there was no relationship of blood or marriage, there was nonetheless a deep bond of affection. You can't get more "family" than that in my book.

This is totally my favorite more recent pic of Bessie, hugging her grandson Dallas (2006). Can you tell by her smile that she is a fun person?

Today my "baby sister" came to lunch. I am the baby in my family, she is the baby in my ex's. We are all still family and she will always be my baby sister, her husband my brother-in-law, and their son one of my nephews. Her birthday is next Tuesday. May is a big birthday month for my clan.

To them all I say, Blessings on the day you were born.

--the BB


Fran said...

How have I missed your birthday?

Blessings in abundance, good wishes, joy, happiness and all the love of God to you dear Paul!!

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to all!!

Paul said...

Thanks, Fran. It was yesterday (VE Day).

Göran Koch-Swahne said...