Thursday, May 13, 2010

Il y avait une fois....

I got up to around page 120 in Volume Three today. This is part of the long, slow process of re-engaging my fantasy world and the current tale so I can pick up where I left off and finish telling it.

Things that need clarification or expansion or simple rewording show up on every page but basically I feel very pleased that I can tell a rich and engaging story. Well, pride goeth before a fall and all that. Nonetheless, it is gratifying to follow the adventures of characters I not only created but love dearly (or hate passionately).

From the beginning, back in 1972, these tales were only meant to be ripping good yarns and pure escapism... but with serious content wrapped in narrative. Entertainment is the primary goal (though I confess that moral formation lurks within the adventures).

I guess they are really children's books for grownups. Yep. That sounds right.

It all began as a bedtime story, and now it is time to put this weary body to bed.

--the BB

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Grandmère Mimi said...

I guess they are really children's books for grownups.

Sounds good to me. And I like the little that I've read.