Sunday, May 09, 2010

The work was all done yesterday

But today I got to simply enjoy the yard after yesterday's labors. Here are photos taken this morning before I cleaned house downstairs and got ready to serve brunch.

Not much happened last year but this year I believe we are going to have some iris.

The circus rose (one of them). I am excited as I wait for this bud to open.

The Piñata rose has a few more blooms today.

The trench I planted with lavender spectrum flowers yesterday afternoon.

An Heirloom rose. You can see why I saw it and had to buy one more rose. (I know, I know, addicts always have a reason to justify their behavior.)

The Lady Banks roses have burst forth in an amazing profusion this year.

On the right side are the zucchini (foreground) and straightneck squash. To the left a couple of roses and in the center toward the rear a French lavender.

One of the Iceberg roses, flanked in the back by potato vines and surrounded with marigolds, gaillardia, calendula, white salvia, and petunias.

One of the two eggplants put in yesterday.

The Golden Showers rose showing new foreground plantings (yellow calibrachoa and dwarf marigolds joining earlier violas) and foxgloves added to the north wall border in the background. Hiding behind the rose bush is a honeysuckle to sweeten the air.

And that is today's garden tour.

I've had a little nap and am pondering onion sets. With tomatoes, chiles, onions, and cilantro I would have my own salsa garden. (Yes, lemons and limes would be nice but the climate here is too cold for them.)

--the BB


Phil Freyder said...

My favorite is the piñata rose for its sensuous colors. That combination of deep, golden yellow with blushing red edges takes me on a trip.


Paul said...

The Piñata is amazing as the colors shift as the rose ages, so they end up somewhat white at the base and wine colored at the tips. The bush becomes a riot of color.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

The Beauty!

Padre Mickey said...

I really enjoy these photos of your garden, Padre. Thanks for sharing them.