Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heart thread - 05/11/2010

Happy Birthday to Debbie Bear from all the kids and me!

A blessed anniversary to Bob and Janet.

Let us remember Jonathan and the Missus going through a profound and difficult transition.

For all people and creatures and the soil and the water of the Gulf Coast.

For my neighbor Rob who graduates with a double master's degree this Saturday. For his entire family as they prepare to move to his next station in Mississippi. They are wonderful neighbors and I will miss them terribly.

Continuing prayers for David@Montreal's cousin Frank.
He is still fighting another round of cancer, but the doctors are hopeful. He's into the hospital in Vancouver at least once a week for blood draws etc and takes almost 30 pills a day (only one of them a repeat). Apparently the genetic material which was used in the gene therapy you all prayed his through last year was from a German lady.
Gratitude- more joyous gratitude than you can imagine would be an apt approximation of Frank's state.
Unable to garden or come into contact with pets, frequently dizzy or experiencing loss of energy, Frank was in full spring mode and ready for the summer he trusts is ahead for him.
Margaret sends a request:
I ask your prayers for my dear friends, Tasha and Blaine, and their new-born son Tommy. Tommy is not having an easy time at life so far.... and Tasha and Blaine are devastated with grief, fear and anguish. Please keep them and those who love them in your prayers.
For Mark, Neal, Rev MIBI starting a new job, David G., Jack and all others standing in the need of prayer.

For those killed, injured, or dispossessed by tornadoes in Oklahoma.

For those affected by the volcanic ash clouds. (Airports in Spain, Morocco, and the Canary Islands)

For Lyssa's Dad, Dan:
SO PROUD of Dad- he is making so much progress, so quickly! Pacemaker/AED implant planned for Tuesday, then rehab... still unsure whether that will be inpatient or outpatient. Dad would like to meet and thank all the officers that stood guard while he was in the ICU, he is so moved by that loyalty. Thank you to all who have prayed and supported us these past couple of weeks.
For Arkansas Hillbilly:
I just turned in the last two assignments for school, which means I am officially done with my coursework for the BSBA in Human Resources. Wow! I am about to be a college graduate, one of the first, if not the first in my family to do it. I am so excited I could just cry.
Now comes the really fun part. The discernment process sounds kind of like tearing your heart out of your chest, rubbing salt in the wound, having a group of people examine said heart, then put it back in your chest. After doing this for about a year, Bishop Benfield will have the final say on whether or not I get to go for the MDIV or MAR degree.
For Kate:
I have been smashed down to absolutely nothing and I don't know how to rebuild -- I'm not sure there's enough of me left to rebuild _with_. Pushing myself in the slightest leads to near-collapse. Trying to rest leads to thinking...and right now thinking hurts too bad.
I know, rationally, that it'll get better. I'm not giving up. But right now it's so hard...so hard.
For the Reverend Diane Jardine Bruce and the Reverend Mary Douglas Glasspool to be ordained bishops suffragan in the Diocese of Los Angeles this Saturday. The Diocese of Los Angeles is where I became an Episcopalian. I used to sing in the choir and teach Sunday School at St Alban's, Westwood, and handled adult education at the Cathedral Church of St Paul (the old building at Sixth and Figueroa).

--the BB


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for all.

Kate said...

Thanks for reposting -- today's better but I don't expect I'm done yet.

Paul said...

Kate, I am so sorry you are going through such a hard place. May some comfort, some newness, some glimmer of hope shine in your life soon.