Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The happy gardener

Mind you, not all the flowers are doing this well, but tonight I am sharing these photos taken after I came home from shopping.

The iris. I love this shade of blue!

Some Circus roses, the second round of blooms on this bush.

Notice how many different colors we get just in this cluster on the Piñata rosebush.

The coral roses are now joining the party.

This photo is of the grapevine that ate the South Valley, taken just for a sense of scale. In five years it could fill the entire yard. The Piñata is to its right, covered in blooms. I have decided to nickname it "The Flor of Babylon." One must admire its tarty boldness.

Yes, I am doing a load of laundry tonight. Can't put it off forever.

--the BB


Michal Anne said...

me too--doing a couple of loads of laundry. pretty flowers!

Paul said...

Thank you. We are just bursting with virtue tonight.

I made a couple of small sandwiches with leftover steak sliced thinly, multi-grain bread, just a touch of mayo, salt, pepper, spring greens, and roasted red pepper.

it's margaret said...

A tarty rose.... Now there's a thought. I think I would like her. Very much.

Beautiful garden m'dear. It's amazing what will grow in that sand.