Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday of the Holy Fathers

The First Council of Nicaea
Image from Wikimedia Commons

We praise three
divinely sovereign Hypostases,
the immutable form
of a single nature,
the good and human-befriending God,
Who now granteth
forgiveness of offences.

O Thou Who art the one
transcendent Lord
in one Godhead,
yet thrice-resplendent with respect
to Thy Persons,
grant us understanding
and deem us worthy
of Thy divine illumination.

Having filled all things with joy, O Merciful One, Thou didst come in Thy flesh unto the hosts on high.

As the hosts of Angels saw Thee being lifted up, they cried: Lift ye the gates for our King.

As the Apostles beheld the Saviour being lifted on high, they cried with trembling: Glory be to Thee, O our King.

--the BB

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