Monday, May 17, 2010

Pentecost approaches

This means I need to sew the Pentecost frontal for Our Saviour before the week is out. I purchased the fabric today after work. I think it will be sufficiently tarted up for the Sovereign Lifegiver who constantly seduces us into venturing toward God's future.

Time also to practice reading Sunday's Gospel aloud in Latin, one of several languages in which it will be read.

Fortunately the Zimbabwean Gospel chant I learned from Mark Malisa years ago is such a part of me I do not have to practice it.

My flag collection is already at the church so we can hang flags from around the world, reminding us of our call to proclaim Good News to every nation.

--the BB


Padre Mickey said...

Do you ever hear from Mark Malisa, Paul? We used to clean Shires Hall together for our Work Study thang.

Paul said...

I have no contact information, Mickey. The first sermon he ever preached was at St Cuthbert's and he preached there a second time as well. Great guy. I have not heard anything from him since he returned to Zimbabwe but because of him I feel an emotional link to the people of that country.

it's margaret said...

thank God you read the Gospel in many languages. I have had to fight every year to get folks to understand it is the Good News we hear in multiple languages --not the story from Acts. Where in the world did the reading of Acts in multiple languages come from???

Paul said...

Margaret, I think it arose because the Acts passage speaks of the understanding in many tongues. I confess, that is what we did at St Cuddy's. I have already learned that the passage from John is much harder to read in Latin, but then my tongue is not accustomed to non-Vergilian Latin except in ritual or song.

Mercifully, I don't make any liturgical decisions these days (except to sing or say when presiding).