Saturday, May 22, 2010


There have been some accomplishments today, though I was sluggish for most of the day.

My albs are washed. About time, too.

The garden was watered and I gave extra water to one tree and one shrub in front of the house since I suspect they don't get quite as much as they need on the drip system. (Yes, I know there are ways to adjust drip, but I have not done it.)

I tied up a number of sagging branches in the yard and did some deadheading. Lots of spent blooms still need it, but at least I chipped away at it today.

I cut, glued, and sewed the Pentecost frontal for Our Saviour and took it over to the church. I meant to take some photos when it was up but left the camera in the car and did not think of it until much later. Anyway, this now completes the seasons. Eydie made the white-and-gold frontal for All Saints last year and that served through Christmastide and Eastertide. I made a green one from African fabric, an Advent blue one, a violet Lenten one, an ecru-dark red-black one for Holy Week, and now one for Pentecost.

The one today is made with a cherry red polyester shantung, pale yellow silk, metallic gold, and an elaborate gold braid trim. I really regret not taking a photo as it seems to convey the excitement that the Spirit inspires. I had thought of making it more intricate with narrow diagonals of color (rich silks and metallics) over the central gold strip but cut myself some slack and left it less original but more traditional.

The work Father Tony has done clearing weeds and brush and generally tidying up the place really shows.

I also picked up some items for tomorrow. We are going to adorn San Gabriel, on the exterior, with most of the flags in my collection. Some seem to have gone astray but I think we can represent at least 20 nations from four continents. I just don't know where I last put the flags of Cambodia and Antigua. Ah well.

The Gospel will be read in French, German, Spanish, English, Swahili, Polish, and Latin. It just occurred to me that I miss hearing it read in Khmer by Stewart Peou. I miss the Cambodian Sanctus, the Celtic Alleluia, singing the Lord's Prayer, and Envía tu Espíritu. To all my friends at St Cuthbert's - I miss and love you! I am blessed with loving church communities here and I really like living in Albuquerque, but you are missed.

Leli vangeli bo - ayisilo lokudlala.
Leli vangeli - lihamba ngomoyo oyincgwele.
Selihamba - lihamba ngomoyo oyincgwele.
Selihamba - lihamba ngomoyo oyincgwele.

This Holy Gospel - it should not be taken lightly.
This Gospel - the Holy Spirit gives it power.
It is moving - the Holy Spirit gives it power.
It is moving - the Holy Spirit gives it power.

I always hate to see Easter come to a close.

--the BB

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