Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sixteen and counting

Our latest new nation represented by a guest is Greece.

I would love to hear comments from international visitors.
--the BB


Kirstin said...

Friend, right now I am one.

Jane R said...

Paul, I wonder when I look at the "referring websites" whether the visits aren't sometimes accidental and just one second long. I haven't checked my visitor counter thingie in a long while (I used to check it twice a day when I started blogging!) so maybe I am too much of a cynic but that's what it looked like back then when I tracked back to how the visitors got to my blog and for how long. Still, it's cool to have international visitors even for a few seconds and I am just being a party pooper for no reason here. And because I've wondered about my own visitors. Speaking of parties, I hope you had a delightful and delicious time with your guests! And I did make fish soup. 'twas good.

Paul said...

Good for your soup, Jane! It was a nice party. Folks were very lively and chat was good, laughter sprinkled in. The food was not altogether on point but still it came out well and I pulled of a 5-course formal meal. Fun.

I know lots of hits are quite accidental or ephemeral. Folks surf about looking for this and that, wind up here sometimes more by mistake than anything else. I have looked at some of the referrals.

But I love collecting flags, as I've confessed, and I enjoy trying to be hospitable on an international basis. So even if they are misguided one-time hits, I like saying welcome.

Jane R said...

You are right. Sorry again for being a party pooper. I just checked my SiteMeter and got all excited about a visitor from Uganda. I then checked the referring URL and it was someone who had done a Google search for "pictures of laptops with broken screens" and found my post titled "back from Belgium with broken laptop screen." "Visit length" said "0 seconds" though I'm not always sure that zero is accurate, since some folks whose IP address I know seem to visit zero seconds too. Oh well.

You are a most hospitable person, that's for sure, on blog and off! Congrats on the nice dinner. And thanks for the flags! It's good to get an education about them.