Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death

Tibet - China
Scholars Urge Dialogue With Dalai Lama
New York Times - 44 minutes ago
By HOWARD W. FRENCH SHANGHAI, March 23 - A group of prominent Chinese intellectuals has circulated a petition urging the government to stop what it has called a “one-sided” propaganda campaign and initiate direct dialogue with the Dalai Lama.
China Accuses Dalai Lama of Trying to Mar Olympic Games Voice of America
Tibet group says Dalai Lama visit to Germany in May still planned International Herald Tribune

China Blasts Dalai Lama, Pelosi on Tibet
The Associated Press - 36 minutes ago
CHENGDU, China (AP) - China accused the Dalai Lama on Sunday of stoking Tibetan unrest to sabotage the Beijing Olympics and also berated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she is ignoring the truth about Tibet.

Tíbet chino. Progreso y espiritualidad no comparten mantra
ABC - hace 10 horas
H ace una semana estallaba el oasis de paz y espiritualidad que era Lhasa, la capital del Tíbet y ciudad sagrada del budismo. Protagonizando los peores disturbios desde 1989, los tibetanos se echaban a la calle para reclamar la independencia de esta ...
China cree que la calma ha vuelto pero aún mantiene selladas zonas ...
Intelectuales chinos piden al Gobierno un "diálogo directo" con el ... La Vanguardia

China fights criticism over Tibet troubles - 1 hour ago
SHANGHAI -- China stepped into the news vacuum it created in Tibet to launch a barrage of criticism over the weekend aimed at the Dalai Lama, Western media and anyone else who disagrees with how it handled last week's pro-Tibet demonstrations.

Barrages hit Green Zone, gunmen kill seven
Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Paul Tait BAGHDAD, March 23 (Reuters) - Baghdad's heavily fortified "Green Zone" came under rocket or mortar attack on Sunday, and police said up to eight people had been killed by rockets falling short outside the government and diplomatic compound ...
Green Zone attack originated in Sadr City, say witnesses Christian Science Monitor
Violence spikes in Iraq as 48 are killed Los Angeles Times

Iraq bomb kills 3 US soldiers
Los Angeles Times - 11 hours ago
By Ned Parker and Hameed Rasheed, Special to The Times BAGHDAD -- The number of US troops killed in Iraq edged closer Saturday to the milestone figure of 4000 as a roadside bomb claimed the lives of three soldiers.
Bomb kills 3 US troops in Iraq; 'friendly fire' kills 6 US-allied ... Dallas Morning News
4 Americans Killed in Iraq; US Attack Kills 6 New York Times

Musharraf is quickly losing his grip on Pakistan
Christian Science Monitor - 42 minutes ago
By Mark Sappenfield | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor New DELHI - In naming its candidate for prime minister Saturday, the party of Benazir Bhutto has taken a further step toward sidelining Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.
Musharraf vows to support new coalition government International Herald Tribune
Pakistan's Musharraf promises to support new government Monsters and
Musharraf Praises Dawn of Democracy for Pakistan Voice of America

Taiwan president-elect's bold mandate: improve ties with China, US
Christian Science Monitor - 2 hours ago
Ma Ying-jeou, a former mayor of Taipei and Harvard Law School graduate, may face resistance to his conciliatory approach. By Simon Montlake | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor TAIPEI AND TAICHUNG, TAIWAN - Voters in Taiwan handed ...
Taiwan President-Elect Urges Closer China Ties New York Times
Taiwan's New Head Seeks Change TIME

Since the United States is now a partially-owned subsidiary of China, that first headline should be less of a challenge than it used to be. --the BB

Next Taiwan leader says would welcome Chinese pandas
AFP - 59 minutes ago
TAIPEI (AFP) - Taiwan's next leader Ma Ying-jeou said he would welcome a pair of giant pandas offered by China to the island if a local dispute about where to house the animals could be resolved.
A big balancing act awaits Taiwan's president-elect International Herald Tribune

Palestine - Israel - the Dark Lord
Cheney warns Palestinians over anti-Israel violence
AFP - 50 minutes ago
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AFP) - US Vice President Dick Cheney warned the Palestinians Sunday that attacks on Israel were killing hopes for their "long overdue" state, as the sun set on his Easter weekend peace push.
Video: Cheney Meets With Israeli PM AssociatedPress
Dick Cheney: Palestine peace will be 'painful'

Le Hamas et le Fatah ouvrent la voie à une réconciliation
Le Monde - Il y a 4 heures
L'accord, signé à Sanaa sous l'égide du président yéménite Ali Abdallah Saleh (au centre), a été paraphé par Azzam Al-Ahmad, chef du groupe parlementaire du Fatah (à droite), et Moussa Abou Marzouk, numéro deux du bureau politique du Hamas (à gauche). ...
Le Hamas et le Fatah ont conclu dimanche un accord en vue d'une ... France 2
Le Fatah et le Hamas prêts à reprendre des discussions début avril AFP

Hamás acusa a Cheney de apoyar "los crímenes contra el pueblo ...
IBLNEWS - hace 5 horas
Hamás criticó hoy las declaraciones del vicepresidente de EEUU, Dick Cheney, de visita en la región, en las que expresó el "continuo e inquebrantable compromiso" de Washington con "la seguridad de Israel". "Las palabras de Cheney certifican que la ...
Cheney pide concesiones en M. Oriente BBC Mundo
Cheney advierte a palestinos que los ataques a Israel les perjudican AFP

Zimbabwe ballot papers spark row
BBC News - 2 hours ago
Zimbabwe's main opposition party has accused the government of printing millions of surplus ballot papers for the presidential and legislative polls.
Tsvangirai tells mass rally to "defend" their vote against rigging" Monsters and
Mugabe takes campaign to opposition stronghold AFP

Bhutan wary of democratic change
Christian Science Monitor - 1 hour ago
The isolated nation holds its first-ever national election Monday after decades of guardianship by kings who severely limited contact with the outside world.
Bhutanese Cautiously Approach First Vote Washington Post
Bhutan takes an ambivalent step into the democratic world International Herald Tribune

Vatican - Muslim author converts and is baptized
Muslim converted by pope says life in more danger
Reuters South Africa - 2 hours ago
By Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY, March 23 (Reuters) - An outspoken Muslim author and critic of Islamic fundamentalism who converted to Christianity at the hands of Pope Benedict said on Sunday he realised he was in greater danger but he has no regrets.
Video: Raw Video: Pope Celebrates Easter at Vatican AssociatedPress
Pope Benedict makes an Easter Sunday plea for peace Los Angeles Times

Latin America
Correa advierte que la crisis con Colombia no ha terminado
La Jornada (México) - hace 7 horas
Quito, 22 de marzo. El presidente de Ecuador, Rafael Correa, advirtió hoy que la crisis con Colombia podría agravarse si se comprueba que un ciudadano de su país murió en el operativo militar colombiano en suelo ecuatoriano, que tuvo como blanco un ...
Fiscalía colombiana interrogará a mexicana herida en Ecuador La Crónica de Hoy
Responde Colombia a advertencia de Ecuador por muerte de connacional Diario Digital Juárez

It is the day of Resurrection, let us be radiant, O ye peoples; Pascha, the Lord's Pascha; for Christ God hath brought us from death unto life, and from earth unto heaven as we sing the triumphal hymn.
--From the Canon of Pascha: Pentecostarion

--the BB


Kirstin said...

And on those in the tombs, bestowing life!

Trample on, my friend.

(PS: The letter jumble is "aircow."

Kirstin said...

And on those in the tombs bestowing life!

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!

Let's go trample some death of our own.