Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heart thread - 3/26/2008

Caminante has put out the plea for serious prayer on behalf of Naomi and her entire family.
She wrote tonight on her website:

So, not so great news. I’m going to finish radiation and try a chemo for two weeks. The chemo wont cure it but we’re hoping that it’ll slow or shrink it a little. It is Ewings and it is growing and being very aggressive. After radiation and chemo they will do an assessment but after that they said that there is nothing else they can do. After the assessment they will be labeling my case as terminal. My parents and I have talked about it and decided to try eveything out there to fight this beast. We’re going to research alternatives and holistic approaches. If anyone has suggestions or knows anything please let me know. I’m hoping things work out but now I really begin my fight.
Let us also remember the special convention for the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin this weekend. May the Holy Spirit be manifest in grace and power to heal and quicken!

O heavenly Father, open wide the sluice gates into my heart that I may receive your living water and be fruitful.
—Prayer of a Punjabi Christian

--the BB

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