Friday, March 28, 2008

Save us and help us, we humbly beseech you, O Lord

Tibet - China
Growing Gulf Divides China and Dalai Lama
New York Times - 48 minutes ago
Ashwini Bhatia/AP Exiled Tibetans held a vigil on Friday in Dharamsala, India. Many Tibetans have fled China to find sanctuary in India.
Video: Divisions over Olympic boycott france24english
Young Tibetans, Tired of Calls for Nonviolence, Want More Action Voice of America

Rudd, Bush Urge China to Hold Talks With Dalai Lama, Supporters
Bloomberg - 3 hours ago
By Gemma Daley March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and President George W. Bush today urged the Chinese to meet with the Dalai Lama to discuss human rights in Tibet after security forces earlier this month cracked down on the ...
Video: Divisions over Olympic boycott france24english
Dalai Lama pleads for peaceful dialogue on Tibet CNN International
Police Close Muslim Quarter in Lhasa The Associated Press

"Il faudrait que tous les Etats européens reçoivent le dalaï lama" - Il y a 12 heures
Après avoir convié des journalistes étrangers pour une visite encadrée à Lhassa, Pékin invite maintenant des diplomates étrangers. Quelles conclusions en tirer sur la réponse de la Chine aux pressions internationales ? - Cela peut être un signe de ...
Tibet: départ de diplomates étrangers pour Lhassa L'Express
Le dalaï lama met en garde contre les tensions raciales La Presse Canadienne
Le Tibet, obsession impériale de Pékin, par Bruno Philip Le Monde

Opponents See End to Mugabe Era
Washington Post - 2 hours ago
By Craig Timberg HARARE, Zimbabwe, March 28 -- On the eve of Saturday's elections, many Zimbabweans say they have come to believe something that was once all but unthinkable: After nearly 28 years of unbroken power, President Robert Mugabe might lose.
Mugabe in final election appeal BBC News
Zimbabwean security chiefs "on full alert"; opposition warns of ... International Herald Tribune
Zimbabwe's election has only one winner
Poll tension grips Zimbabwe Scotsman

SA pilot still in Zim jail
Independent Online - 11 hours ago
The South African pilot arrested in Zimbabwe during a charter to fly Movement for Democratic Change president Morgan Tsvangirai to election rallies was still in custody on Friday, the party said.
Pilot on ‘hotel fraud’ rap The Times
Charges of fraud against Jo'burg pilot withdrawn SABC News

Italian mozzarella scare
Singapore halts Italian mozzarella sales on scare
Reuters - 2 hours ago
SINGAPORE, March 29 (Reuters) - Singapore has stopped sales of all Italian mozzarella cheese made from buffalo milk after Italy on Friday ordered a recall of the product that was potentially contaminated with cancer-causing dioxin.
How Italy's 'white gold' turned sour BBC News
Fallout From the Mozzarella Scare New York Times

Cities dim lights for environment
BBC News - 2 hours ago
Residents in towns and cities around the world are preparing to turn out the lights for an hour, to highlight the threat of climate change.
New Zealand, Fiji to take part in Earth Hour for environment ... Xinhua
'Earth Hour' to plunge millions into darkness AFP

Sarkozy hit by economic woes after royal glitter
International Herald Tribune - 11 hours ago
By Crispian Balmer Reuters PARIS: Harsh economic realities caught up with French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday, giving him no time to enjoy glowing reviews of his glittering state visit to Britain earlier this week.
Sarkozy makes handling error
Sunny skies ahead for US-French relations AFP

Cuba Lifts Restrictions On Personal Cellphones
Washington Post - 3 hours ago
By Manuel Roig-Franzia MEXICO CITY, March 28 -- Cuban President Ra¿l Castro lifted much-loathed restrictions on personal cellphone ownership Friday, a move that could increase the flow of political ideas and news to the isolated and information-starved ...
Cuba Allows More Cellphones New York Times
Cuba lifts cell phone ban United Press International

Consumer Spending Cools Despite Rise In Personal Income - 4 hours ago
Personal spending rose at the slowest pace in 17 months in February despite a bigger-than-expected gain in income, as consumers hunkered down amid worries over a weakening economy, bleak job picture and higher prices.
US Economy: Spending Slows, Confidence Weakens (Update2) Bloomberg
'Economy's Main Engine' Now in Idle Washington Post

White House to Seek New Fed Power to Keep Markets Stable
New York Times - 4 hours ago
By EDMUND L. ANDREWS WASHINGTON - The Bush administration will propose on Monday that Congress give the Federal Reserve broad authority to oversee financial market stability, in effect allowing it to send swat teams into any corner of the industry or ...
If Only I Could Get the Fed's Help When I'm Bad: Ann Woolner Bloomberg
Mutual funds lose ground in 1st quarter Forbes

South Korea Plays Down Missile Test By the North
New York Times - 1 hour ago
By CHOE SANG-HUN SEOUL, South Korea - North Korea drove up tensions on the Korean Peninsula on Friday, test-firing short-range missiles off its western coast, threatening to slow down its promised disabling of nuclear weapons facilities and accusing ...
SKorea says NKorea shows no signs of firing additional missiles International Herald Tribune
North Korea Warns South Korea on Disputed Western Sea Border Bloomberg

US Has Little Influence, Few Options in Iraq's Volatile South
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
By Karen DeYoung As US warplanes attacked targets in Basra yesterday, Bush administration officials acknowledged that their hands-off strategy toward southern Iraq in recent years has left them with little knowledge of the conflicts among competing ...
Look to Basra for signs of where Iraq is headed Seattle Post Intelligencer

Remains ID'd in Iraq Kidnapping
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
The FBI on Friday identified the remains of an Austrian contractor who was kidnapped in Iraq with four Americans. FBI spokesman Richard Kolko confirmed the victim was Bert Nussbaumer, who was working for Crescent Security Group when he and the others ...
Families mourn US contractors found dead in Iraq, but feel relief ... International Herald Tribune
Family of Austrian security guard holds out hope Reuters

US Airstrikes Aid Iraqi Army in Basra Siege
New York Times - 1 hour ago - By ERICA GOODE BAGHDAD - The American military conducted airstrikes to back up stalled Iraqi forces in Basra and ...
Rift between UK diplomats and army in Basra

British jets fire on Basra militia
The Press Association - 5 hours ago
British jets have unleashed a hail of cannon fire around Basra, forcing militia to take cover as fighting in the city continued for a fourth day.
MoD admits troops abused Iraqi prisoners Reuters UK
Government admits to breaching human rights of Iraqi Baha Mousa

Irak: frappes de la coalition à Bassorah - Maliki propose un marché
Tribune de Genève - Il y a 9 heures
Bagdad - Des avions de la coalition anglo-américaine ont visé des miliciens chiites à Bassorah (sud), pour soutenir l'offensive de l'armée irakienne ordonnée par le Premier ministre Nouri al Maliki. Ce dernier a proposé de payer ceux qui livreraient ...
Irak: Maliki offre d'acheter les armes, la coalition intervient à ...
L'armée du Mahdi prend Nassirya, 120 tués à Bassorah Le Point

La ONU alerta sobre una grave crisis humana en Basora

ABC - hace 2 horas
AMMÁN. Los treinta mil hombres del Ejército iraquí que combaten desde el martes en Basora no pueden doblegar al Ejército del Mahdi. Ni el apoyo aéreo de EE.UU., ni el respaldo logístico de los británicos, ni el refuerzo de miembros de la milicia chií ...
Los civiles atrapados en Basora solo tienen agua para dos días El Periódico
Maliki amplía el ultimátum a milicias y combates agravan crisis ... Terra España

Latin America
Betancourt : Bogotá veut un échange-express
Ouest-France - Il y a 39 minutes
L'otage franco-colombienne serait en très mauvaise santé. Le gouvernement colombien demande aux Farc de la relâcher contre la libération de guérilleros. L'état de santé d'Ingrid Betancourt « préoccupe » le pouvoir colombien. C'est ce qui aurait motivé ...
Colombie: Bogota propose un échange pour libérer Ingrid Betancourt Edicom
Betancourt : Bogota propose un échange de guérilleros Le Figaro

Ofrece Colombia recompensa a rebeldes que liberen a Betancourt
La Crónica de Hoy - hace 9 horas
El presidente colombiano Alvaro Uribe Vélez ofreció hoy millonarias recompensas e incentivos jurídicos para buscar que los rebeldes que tienen a la secuestrada Ingrid Betancourt liberen a la líder política. En declaraciones a reporteros un día después ...
Salud de Ingrid Betancourt es "extremadamente delicada": Bogotá W Radio (Mexico)
Inviable, propuesta de Uribe para liberar rebeldes presos: fiscal ... La Jornada (México)

Hoy será enterrado ecuatoriano caído en ataque a campamento FARC
Milenio - hace 14 horas
Las relaciones entre Ecuador y Colombia se mantienen en tensión tras la incursión militar colombiana para bombardear un campamento guerrillero ubicado en una inhóspita zona de selva en el lado ecuatoriano. Quito, Ecuador.- Hoy será enterrado el cuerpo ...
Ofrece Ecuador apoyo legal a familia de Franklin Aisalia El Porvenir
Ecuador desea restablecer nexos con Colombia y rechaza presencia ... AFP

Arab Summit - Damascus
Siniora: la Syrie est responsable du blocage politique au Liban - Il y a 7 heures
BEYROUTH - Le Premier ministre libanais, Fouad Siniora, a accusé vendredi la Syrie de jouer "un rôle prépondérant" dans le blocage politique au Liban, sans président depuis quatre mois, à la veille de l'ouverture du sommet de la Ligue arabe à Damas, ...
Le sommet arabe de Damas en partie boycotté
Le Point
Damas, une capitale sous haute surveillance L'Orient-Le Jour
Une véritable "guerre froide" paralyse la Ligue arabe Le Monde

Lebanon's Prime Minister Skips Damascus Summit, Blasts Syria
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
By Daniel Williams March 29 (Bloomberg) -- Lebanon's Prime Minister Fouad Siniora blamed Syria for his nation's long political stalemate in explaining his country's refusal to attend the Arab League summit opening today in Damascus.
Lebanese PM attacks 'meddling' Syria
ABC Online
Lebanon boycott underlines divisions ahead of Arab League summit Times Online

SIMI leaders planned terror strikes
Sahara Samay - 1 hour ago
New Delhi/Indore, Mar 29: The arrested top SIMI leaders were believed to be planning major terror strikes in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and tourist spots in Goa while the police said that the banned outfit once considered floating a dedicated group ...
SIMI investigators focus on missing terror links Hindu
SIMI leadership was planning big Economic Times

NATO - Canada - Afghanistan
Harper dampens expectations ahead of NATO summit
Globe and Mail - 7 hours ago
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper appeared to dampen expectations Friday that all of Canada's demands on Afghanistan will be met during next week's NATO leaders summit in Romania.
Relief in Afghanistan coming soon: PM
Canada foresees new NATO assistance in Afghanistan Reuters Canada

When Thou hadst fallen asleep in the flash as one mortal, O King and Lord, Thou didst rise again on the third day, raising up Adam from corruption, and abolishing death: O Pascha of incorruption! O Salvation of the world!
--Friday of Renewal Week, Pentecostarion

Thou didst ascend the Cross, O Jesus, Who didst descend from Heaven. Thou camest unto death, O Immortal Life. Thou camest unto those in darkness, O Thou Who are the True Light. Thou camest unto the fallen, O Resurrection of all. O our Light and our Saviour, glory be to Thee.
--Friday of Renewal Week, Pentecostarion

--the BB


Jane R said...

I'm sorry to be irreverent, and your Anastasis icon is gorgeous, and the news of wars and stock markets appalling as usual, but a fresh mozzarella crisis? Oh dear.

Foodies are wringing their (our) hands. I'm serious.

Paul said...

Just tryin' to keep my friends on top of things.

Then again, eating is risky business. Everybody who eats winds up dying, you know.