Friday, March 28, 2008

Ya son 87 banderas

A visitor from Paraguay has brought the virtual flag collection to 87. ¡Bienvenido! Me alegro que nos haya visitado.

90% of the roughly 7 million people of Paraguay speak the indigenous language of Guaraní. How cool is that?

Paraguay is one of two landlocked nations in South America and is nestled amid Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina.

Now for some travel not just in miles but years, to the 50s (complete with cheesecake for johnieb). Trio Los Paraguayos:

Paraguayan Harp: Guarania Medley by Harpist Mariano Gonzalez

Vaqueros dance Cachaca !!! This is Paraguay !!!
Paraguayan Sunday Rodeo Fiesta (Jineteada). After the rodeo games cowboys dance the traditional Cachaca or sit on their horses watching. Filmed in remote rural location.

Thanks for joining me on today's little travelogue.
--the BB

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