Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update on this particular blogger

Hi, gang. I'm back. I hope for a good long time now.

The mac has a new ram stick. The HD has been reformatted (in a newer version of the OS than I am used to). I have installed, for the umpteenth time, my various applications and copied probably 100,000 files from my backup disk to the mac. Meanwhile, with its new "Time Machine" function the mac is backing itself up in the backup device. So data goes flying back and forth. I still need to install the drivers from my printer/scanner. Might take until tomorrow for me to be sailing smoothly once more.

Where is the good news in all this? Well, although I have made many trips across town to the Apple Store I have not otherwise spent a penny on getting things fixed, nor been without the computer more than a day at a time. I have a new hard drive, a new memory stick, and updated software. All in all, I would say pretty good service from pleasant and helpful people. And I have not been put on hold or had long conversations with someone in India. And I am not running Vista on a PC. All this makes me a pretty happy camper.

Actually, it has not been all that bad to take a break from primary political infighting and I am making progress today in reading Steven Saylor's new novel, Roma.

In another coup, I stopped today at the UNM Bookstore and found the last box of Russian vocabulary cards! Hooray. Writing up my own by hand is a pain and the set I had from California is hidden somewhere in a box in the garage. Easier to start over.

More in my usual vein before too long.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Yay you.

We love you.

We need you.

Please be back and stay back, you and that mac.

Rhyme unintentional but fits with silliness. And love!

Paul said...

[Peals of laughter]

What a delightful ditty to wake up to this morning.

Thank you, Fran.