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Χριστε, ελεησον - 4/5/2008

The point of having so many headlines (with links) on any given topic is to have access to multiple perspectives on world events. I especially observe very different approaches from the French- and Spanish-speaking press (I usually sample from francophone Switzerland and France and from Spain and Mexico). English-language sources include headlines from the UK, India, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. I do not, myself, click on all these links--in fact, almost none of them. Simply perusing the headlines gives me a feel for what is happening around the world, where the crises are, and what the hot topics are. Once the links are in place, one may always pursue more information as time and interest allow.

Mugabe Faces an Uphill Battle in Presidential Runoff (Update5)
Bloomberg - 55 minutes ago
By Brian Latham and Antony Sguazzin April 5 (Bloomberg) -- President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe faces an uphill battle to win a runoff campaign after most voters supported opposition candidates in the March 29 election's House of Assembly races.
Zimbabwe Opposition Reluctant on Runoff The Associated Press
Zimbabwe Opposition Blocked From Filing Lawsuit New York Times

Fear returns to Harare as Mugabe thugs vow
Times Online - 3 hours ago
Robert Mugabe unleashed his most feared thugs on the streets of the Zimbabwean capital yesterday in a very public show of force as his party’s leadership united in a last-ditch bid for him to stay in power.

African delegation chief says no proof of fraud in Zimbabwe election
International Herald Tribune - 22 hours ago
AP FREETOWN, Sierra Leone: The head of the African Union's observer delegation says there is no evidence of fraud in last week's tense presidential election in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe change could attract investors to region Reuters

Le MDC accuse Mugabe de faire monter la tension au Zimbabwe
L'Express - Il y a 39 minutes
L'opposition politique du Zimbabwe a accusé le président Robert Mugabe de déployer des miliciens pour fomenter des troubles et faire annuler les résultats des élections du week-end dernier. Morgan Tsvangirai, dirigeant du Mouvement pour le changement ...
Zimbabwe : l'opposition revendique sa victoire Le Figaro
Le recours en justice de l'opposition retardé au Zimbabwe Le Point

Mbeki: Situation in Zimbabwe 'Manageable'
Voice of America - 2 hours ago
By VOA News South Africa's president says the international community should exercise patience and wait for Zimbabwe's election results to be released before it makes any plans to intervene.
Mbeki says not time for action on Zimbabwe Reuters South Africa
Mbeki says no need for international intervention in Zimbabwe International Herald Tribune

Rival Resists Zimbabwe Runoff, Saying He Won
New York Times - 3 hours ago
The opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai said at a news conference in Harare on Saturday that his party was reluctant to take part in a runoff.

Police Fire on Tibetan Protesters; 8 Die
The Associated Press - 2 hours ago
BEIJING (AP) - Police fired on hundreds of protesters in a Tibetan area of western China, killing eight people, overseas activist groups said.
A Sovereign Spirit Washington Post
France uses Olympics to pressure China on Tibet AFP

China and the Olympics
Washington Post - 14 hours ago
This week, a Beijing court sentenced human rights activist Hu Jia to 3 1/2 years in prison for subverting state authority and to one additional year's loss of his "political rights.
Chinese Rights Activist Is Jailed New York Times
Concern for jailed China activist BBC News

Rama Yade dément avoir parlé de conditions pour les JO de Pékin
L'Express - Il y a 2 heures
Rama Yade, la secrétaire d'Etat aux Droits de l'homme, a démenti avoir parlé de conditions à la présence du président Nicolas Sarkozy à la cérémonie d'ouverture des Jeux olympiques de Pékin, le 8 août. Dans un entretien publié par Le Monde daté du 6 ...

Police arrest Tibetans trying to go to China
Reuters India - 1 hour ago
SRINAGAR (Reuters) - Indian police arrested at least 17 Tibetan exiles on Saturday who were trying to cross from India's remote Ladakh region into China to show solidarity with protesters in Tibet, police said.

No conditions on China before Olympics: France foreign minister
AFP - 2 hours ago
PARIS (AFP) - France has set no conditions on China for President Nicolas Sarkozy to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, but "everything is open", Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Saturday.

Officials confirm Iran's role in brokering truce between Iraqi ...
International Herald Tribune - 1 hour ago
AP TEHRAN, Iran: Officials in Iran confirmed for the first time Saturday that the country played an important role in brokering a recent truce between the Iraqi government and anti-American Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.
Iraqi Premier Suspends Government Raids on Militias New York Times
Sermons show divide among Iraqi Shiites CNN

Iraqis angered by Blackwater contract renewal
Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Khalid Al-Ansary BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqis expressed anger on Saturday at news the United States had renewed the contract of Blackwater, a private security firm blamed for killing up to 17 people in a shooting incident last year.
Iraqi official: Blackwater staying on 'is bad news' CNN International
State Department to Renew Deal With Blackwater for Iraq Security Washington Post

Iran loses ground in Iraq
Toledo Blade - 9 hours ago
But it is very like most of the reporting of battles in Iraq: "The deadliest clashes were in Basra, where at least 47 people were killed and 223 wounded in the two days of fighting," wrote the AP's Kim Gamel.
IRAQ: Maliki vs Sadr, round 5 Los Angeles Times
WAR IN IRAQ San Francisco Chronicle

George Bush rules out further Iraq troop cuts - 5 hours ago
By Tim Shipman in Washington President George W. Bush will signal next week that he will pull no more troops out of Iraq while he is president, once his troop surge ends in the summer.
Shorter Tours of Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan May Be Possibility Action 3 News
Troops to get shorter Iraq tours Baltimore Sun

NATO Summit - Russia - United States
No Frowns at Bush-Putin Talks
The Associated Press - 40 minutes ago
SOCHI, Russia (AP) - At a troubled time in US-Russian relations, there were no frowns when Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush got together for their last time as presidents.
President Bush in Russia for Talks with President Putin Voice of America
Missile plan on Bush-Putin agenda BBC News

Bush Supports Expansion of NATO Across Europe
New York Times - 2 hours ago
President Bush spoke before a crowd at St. Mark's Square in Zagreb, Croatia, on Saturday. By STEVEN LEE MYERS ZAGREB, Croatia - Addressing new NATO allies in a medieval town square here, President Bush on Saturday championed the alliance’s expansion ...
Bush, in Croatia, Says NATO Invite Vote of Confidence (Update2) Bloomberg
Bush sees NATO future for Macedonia Reuters

Keep away from our borders, Putin tells Nato - 18 hours ago
By Adrian Blomfield in Moscow and James Kirkup in Bucharest Vladimir Putin yesterday told Nato that it would become a "direct threat" to Moscow if it expanded further east.
Bush Says NATO Open to All in E. Europe The Associated Press
NATO's Georgia, Ukraine deal built on ambiguity Reuters

Vladimir Poutine devant l'OTAN: main de fer dans un gant de velours
Tribune de Genève - Il y a 20 heures
BILAN | 00h03 Le sommet de Bucarest, en différant la candidature à l'Alliance atlantique de l'Ukraine et de la Géorgie, aura aussi marqué les limites du leadership des Etats-Unis. Un mois avant la fin de son mandat, Vladimir Poutine a fait hier le ...
Les adieux tendus de Vladimir Poutine à l'Otan Ouest-France
L'intérêt des États-Unis et celui de l'Europe dans l'Otan Le Figaro

Буш изрёк в Сочи очередной афоризм
Правда.Ру - 1 час назад
В Сочи с визитом прилете президент США Джордж Буш с супругой. Владимир Путин в сопровождении ряда российских официальных лиц продемонстрировал гостям макет объектов Олимпиады 2014 года в Сочи. Официальная часть встречи состоится в воскресенье. В ходе разглядывания макетов объектов будущей Олимпиады Путина и Буша сопровождали губернатор Краснодарского края Александр Ткачёв и генеральный директор Оргкомитета "Сочи-2014" Дмитрий Чернышенко. Особенно Буша заинтересовал горнолыжный комплекс «Лаура», ...
Финальный аккорд двух президентов НТВ.ru
Президент США впечатлён планами развития Сочи Вести.Ru

Russia and NATO: Points of Difference
Washington Post - 12 hours ago
· NATO expansion: Russia opposes membership for Ukraine and Georgia. NATO decided against road maps for the two but expressed confidence they would eventually join.
Video: Putin Speaks to NATO Leaders As Summit Ends AssociatedPress
Bush pledges to send more troops to Afghanistan Los Angeles Times

Tacha Putin de amenaza incorporar ex repúblicas soviéticas a la OTAN
La Jornada (México) - hace 7 horas
Bucarest, 4 de abril. En una inusitada presentación ante los jefes de gobierno de los países miembros de la Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN), el presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, expresó hoy su enojo por la expansión de la alianza ...
“Hola, felicidades amigo” La Crónica de Hoy
Escudo antimisiles de EU es una amenaza directa a Rusia: Putin El Porvenir

Ireland [Note: Taoiseach is the Irish term for Prime Minister]
Cowen to succeed Ahern
BBC News - 4 hours ago
By Shane Harrison Brian Cowen has been confirmed as the new Fianna Fáil leader, succeeding Bertie Ahern as Taoiseach on 6 May. He was the only candidate for the leadership, but will not officially become leader until a parliamentary party meeting on ...
Cowen set to become next Irish PM Reuters UK
Cowen to succeed Ahern as new Irish PM International Business Times

Global Economy
World Bank Calls on Sovereign Funds to Invest in Africa
New York Times - Apr 2, 2008
By STEVEN R. WEISMAN WASHINGTON - The president of the World Bank, Robert B. Zoellick, called Wednesday for the major government-owned sovereign wealth funds of Asia and the Middle East to join with the bank in investing in Africa.
World Bank Chief Wall Street Journal
World Bank looks to lure wealth funds into Africa Reuters

Brown calls for reform of international institutions
Times Online - 5 hours ago
GORDON Brown has called for an overhaul of international institutions to cope with the twin threats of global economic turmoil and climate change.
Gordon Brown warns on global financial crisis
Brown warns on global cash crisis BBC News

FARC: des milliers de Colombiens manifestent pour les otages - Il y a 11 heures
Des dizaines de milliers de manifestants, selon la police et les organisateurs, se sont réunis vendredi dans les rues des grandes villes colombiennes en faveur de la libération de tous les otages de Colombie. Environ 2800 personnes sont maintenues en ...
Les affections dont souffre d'Ingrid Betancourt
Colombie: les FARC contre une libération rapide d'Ingrid Betancourt RFJ

Continuará trabajando por la libertad de Ingrid Betancourt ...
La Jornada (México) - hace 7 horas
Caracas, 4 de abril. El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, ratificó hoy su decisión de seguir trabajando para lograr la liberación de la ex candidata presidencial Ingrid Betancourt y demás rehenes, pero señaló que decidió cambiar de “táctica” ya que ...
Miles exigen a FARC liberar a cautivos El Universal (México)
Preven fracaso de misión francesa para atender a Ingrid Betancourt El Financiero (México)

International Justice - the Hague
JUSTICE INTERNATIONALE • "Le TPIY n'a plus aucune raison d'exister"
Courrier International - 4 avr 2008
Ex-combattant de l'Armée de libération du Kosovo (UCK) et homme politique, Ramush Haradinaj a été acquitté par le tribunal de La Haye. Une décision qui suscite la joie de Pristina et le dégoût de Belgrade. Le Tribunal pénal international pour ...
L'ex-premier ministre du Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj acquitté par le TPIY Le Monde
Le TPI acquitte l’ex-Premier ministre kosovar Libération

The women rose up early and came unto the Lord's tomb, and when they beheld there the Angel, they trembled in amazement. The tomb became radiant with life; the marvel filled the women with great awe. Thus they went to the disciples and they declared the Rising of the mighty One; Christ alone despoiled Hades by His strength; all those in corruption hath He raised, freeing them from fear of blame and reproach though the Cross's might.
--Saturday of Thomas Week, Pentecostarion

--the BB


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