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Senhor, tem piedade de nos

Tibet Orders Post-Riot Propaganda Drive
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
BEIJING (AP) - More than 1000 people have been arrested or surrendered after deadly rioting last month in the Tibetan capital, and trials will be held before May, the city's deputy Communist Party secretary said.
China again cues up its propaganda machine International Herald Tribune
More than 1000 detained over Tibet riots Sydney Morning Herald

Out of sight before the Olympics
Channel 4 News - 1 hour ago
China jails a leading human rights campaigner, Hu Jia, for three and a half years. A Chinese dissident and outspoken critic of Beijing's policy on Tibet has been jailed - in a case that's likely to become a focus for human rights campaigners in the ...
Chinese Rights Activist Is Jailed New York Times
Chinese Court Sentences Civil Rights Activist to Jail Voice of America

Des députés européens réclament la libération de Hu Jia - Il y a 29 minutes
Des députés européens ont dénoncé jeudi la condamnation du dissident chinois Hu Jia à trois ans et demi de prison et réclamé sa libération. "C'est avec déception et indignation que nous, au Parlement européen, avons pris connaissance de la condamnation ...
Un dissident bouddhiste emprisonné pour subversion en Chine Le Point
Le CIO refuse de commenter la condamnation du dissident Hu Jia Le Parisien

China jails rights activist outspoken on Tibet
Reuters - 2 hours ago
By Chris Buckley BEIJING (Reuters) - A Buddhist Chinese dissident outspoken on Tibet and other sensitive topics was jailed for three-and-a-half years on Thursday, a conviction likely to become a focus of international rights campaigns ahead of the ...
Chinese Rights Activist Is Jailed New York Times
Chinese Court Sentences Civil Rights Activist to Jail Voice of America

NATO Summit in Bucharest
Afghanistan will be a priority for the Nato summit in Bucharest
BBC News - 17 hours ago
Spring has come early in Afghanistan this year and the warmer weather has brought more fighting between the Taleban and international forces.
Video: Ground reality for Canadian troops in Afghanistan -3 Apr 08 AlJazeeraEnglish
Canadian PM In Romania For NATO Leaders' Summit AHN

L'Otan invite seulement la Croatie et l'Albanie à adhérer
L'Express - Publié depuis 1 heure
L'Otan invite la Croatie et à l'Albanie à entamer des négociations d'adhésion à l'Alliance atlantique mais la Macédoine, l'Ukraine et la Géorgie devront patienter avant de pouvoir les rejoindre. Les chefs d'État et de gouvernement des Vingt-Six réunis ...
Otan : la Géorgie et l'Ukraine devront attendre Le Figaro
Croatie et Albanie officiellement invitées dans l'Otan, Macédoine ... Le Monde

Bush Wins NATO Backing on Europe Missile Shield
New York Times - 1 hour ago
President Bush with Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania, on Thursday.

So, which is it? See dueling headlines below.

Bush wins Nato membership for Ukraine and Georgia
Times Online - 1 hour ago
A compromise deal over the Nato membership aspirations of Ukraine and Georgia has finally been reached after tough bargaining by the United States.
Nato denies Georgia and Ukraine
BBC News - 3 hours ago
Nato has confirmed it will not offer membership to Georgia or Ukraine but agreed to review the decision on the ex-Soviet republics in December.
NATO refuses Macedonia invitation to join for now Reuters
Bush regrets Macedonia not invited to join NATO Xinhua

Here's the answer:
Officials said that the Americans had initially suffered a setback over Ukraine and Georgia but that the alliance statement registered a formal promise that they would eventually be invited into Nato, providing Mr Bush with a mini-victory over his more cautious colleagues.
NATO refuses Macedonia invitation to join for now
Reuters - 2 hours ago
BUCHAREST (Reuters) - NATO refused Macedonia an invitation to join the alliance for now on Thursday after Greece vetoed the decision in a dispute over the former Yugoslav republic's name.
A bad day for Bush in Bucharest Guardian
Macedonia disappointed over NATO entry denial Xinhua

Putin scores major diplomatic victory by blocking NATO's expansion ...
International Herald Tribune - 1 hour ago
AP BUCHAREST, Romania: By scuttling the NATO membership bids of two of Russia's westward-looking neighbors, Vladimir Putin won what is arguably his biggest diplomatic victory even before he arrived at an alliance summit.

Africa press hopeful on Zimbabwe
BBC News - 1 hour ago
A day after official results hand Zimbabwe's opposition a majority in parliament, one pro-government paper urges political parties to unite to find a solution to the country's problems, while another calls on the victors to serve the whole of society.

'Relaxed' Robert Mugabe appears in public for first time since ...
Times Online - 1 hour ago
Robert Mugabe today made his first public appearance since last weekend's elections although there has been no official word on whether he will have to contest a run-off vote to save his 28-year-old presidency.
Mugabe Faces Pressure to Step Down The Associated Press
Mugabe Foes Win Majority in Zimbabwe New York Times

Le régime zimbabwéen prêt à un second tour pour sauver Mugabe
Le Point - Il y a 28 minutes
Le pouvoir zimbabwéen s'est déclaré jeudi prêt à un second tour à la présidentielle afin de sauver le chef de l'Etat Robert Mugabe en ballotage, et mis à mal par la défaite de son parti aux législatives. Le pouvoir zimbabwéen s'est déclaré jeudi prêt à ...
Zimbabwe: première apparition publique de Mugabe depuis les élections
Mugabe prêt à reconnaître sa défaite TF1

Mugabe knows it's over
Melbourne Herald Sun - 1 hour ago
ZIMBABWE'S President Robert Mugabe has admitted to his family and advisers that he has lost the most important election of his 28-year rule.

Cyprus to open partition crossing - 7 hours ago
Part of a street in Nicosia that symbolically divides the Cypriot capital is set to open for the first time in 44 years. A crossing on Ledra Street, which runs through a UN-controlled buffer zone in the world's only remaining divided capital, ...
Frantic work to prepare Ledra Street for opening Cyprus Mail

Japan - United States
New rules for US troops in Japan
BBC News - 9 hours ago
By Chris Hogg US military officials in Japan have introduced new restrictions on personnel after a serviceman admitted killing a Japanese taxi driver.
US Sailor Arrested for Murdering Japanese Taxi Driver Enews 2.0

Myanmar - India
Opposition Party Urges 'No' Vote on Myanmar Charter
AHN - 12 hours ago
Yangon, Myanmar (AHN) - Myanmar's main opposition party on Wednesday urged voters to reject an army-backed constitution, turning next month's referendum into the country's first contest for ballots in nearly 20 years.
Burma constitution leaked amid 'No' vote push Times Online

India signs pact with Myanmar to build a seaport and ...
International Herald Tribune - 2 hours ago
AP NEW DELHI: India has agreed to build a multimillion-dollar seaport and transportation system in Myanmar as it presses ahead with investment in its much-criticized neighbor.
India and Burma in transport deal BBC News
India and Myanmar signs accord on transport corridor project Newstrack India

U.S. Economy
US Initial Jobless Claims Rose 38000 to 407000 (Update2)
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
By Bob Willis April 3 (Bloomberg) -- The number of Americans filing first-time claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly increased last week and total benefit rolls rose to the highest level since July 2004.
Jobless claims hit 2-year high Monterey County Herald

ATA Airlines Shuts Down After Filing for Bankruptcy Protection
FOXBusiness - 2 hours ago
ATA Airlines, the Indianapolis-based low-cost air carrier, shut down operations early Thursday after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
ATA Airlines shuts down Honolulu Advertiser
ATA Files for Bankruptcy The Associated Press

Details Of The Deal
Forbes - 4 hours ago
It's a good thing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's mantra is "transparency." On Thursday, lawmakers expect him to help clarify the still murky details of the Fed's rescue of Bear Stearns three weeks ago.

Iraq's Sadr calls for massive anti-US march
Africasia - 2 hours ago
Iraq is tense after more than a week of clashes between security forces, in some cases backed by US troops, and Sadr's Mahdi Army militia.
Iraq says will not block Sadr march if peaceful Reuters
Al-Sadr wants mass protest against US in Iraq Radio Netherlands

No early return from Iraq for our soldiers
This Is Lancashire - 1 hour ago
By Deborah Lewis EAST Lancashire soldiers' hopes of returning home early from war-torn Iraq have been dashed following an escalation in voilence.
Marine taped abusing puppy in Iraq News Record
Iraq's initial force buildup stage focuses on counter-insurgency World Tribune

Iraq's Benchmarks
American Enterprise Institute - 55 minutes ago
Done--there are no "safe havens" in Iraq for outlaws. US and Iraqi conventional and special forces have targeted Sunni and Shiite militias and criminals from Kurdistan to Basra, including Sadr City.
Iraq violence will not change US troop plans Alsumaria
US general warns of Iraq troop cut PRESS TV

US Cites Gaps in Planning of Iraqi Assault on Basra
New York Times - 1 hour ago
By MICHAEL R. GORDON, ERIC SCHMITT and STEPHEN FARRELL This article was reported by Michael R. Gordon, Eric Schmitt and Stephen Farrell and written by Mr.

The last days of the Teflon taoiseach
BBC News - 3 hours ago
Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will go down in history as a key figure in bringing peace to Ireland. But his decision to leave office is unlikely to keep him out of the news, with difficult times ahead at a judicial tribunal investigating corruption.
Video: In Cash Scandal, Irish Prime Minister Quits AssociatedPress
Cowen likely to become next Irish PM Belfast Telegraph

Betancourt: la mission humanitaire est arrivée en Colombie - Il y a 2 heures
AP | 03.04.2008 | 14:19 L'avion acheminant la mission humanitaire censée approcher des FARC et des leurs otages, dont une Ingrid Betancourt présumée grièvement malade, s'est posé jeudi en Colombie, at-on appris d'une source à l'Elysée. ...

Chypre: un passage symbolique ouvert dans la liesse au coeur de ... - Il y a 3 heures
NICOSIE (AFP) - Un nouveau point de passage à travers le no man's land symbolisant les décennies de division de Chypre a été ouvert jeudi dans la liesse à Nicosie, augurant d'un nouvel élan dans les efforts de réunification de l'île. ...
Réouverture de la rue Ledra, symbole de la partition de Chypre L'Express
Une nouvelle brèche s'ouvre dans le mur qui divise Chypre Courrier International

Kenya parties break deadlock over coalition Cabinet
Mail & Guardian Online - 2 hours ago
Kenya's feuding political factions on Thursday announced the deadlock over a coalition government had been broken and that the new line-up would be announced on Sunday.
Kenyans reach coalition deal The Times
Kenya power-sharing cabinet to be named Sunday -Odinga Reuters South Africa

Al Qaeda
El número dos de Al Qaeda llama a intensificar los ataques contra ...
Impulso Baires - hace 12 horas
Madrid - Pide en un mensaje en Internet “atacar a los judíos dentro y fuera de Israel”. El número dos de Al Qaeda, el egipcio Ayman Al Zawahri, ha hecho un llamamiento a “atacar a los judíos dentro y fuera de Israel”, y refiriéndose a las Naciones ...

Green tea helps beat superbugs
Hindu - 31 Mar 2008
Green tea can help beat superbugs according to Egyptian scientists speaking today (Monday 31 March 2008) at the Society for General Microbiology’s 162nd meeting being held this week at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.
Green Tea Boosts Antibiotics for Superbugs U.S. News & World Report
Intake Of Green Tea Boosts Antibiotics Effectiveness – A Study TopNews

They nailed Thee to the Cross, O Thou Life of all creation. Though Thou art the Master immortal, they counted Thee a dead man. And rising the third day, Thou didst raise up Adam from corruption with Thyself. For this cause, the hosts of Heaven cried unto Thee, O life-giving Christ, our Savior: Glory to Thy divine suff'ring and death. Glory to Thy resurrection, Lord. Glory to Thy condescension, O Thou only friend of mankind.
--Thursday of the Second Week, Pentecostarion

--the BB

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