Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Leli vangeli bo ayisilo lokudlala

Header translation from Ndebele: "This Holy Gospel, it should not be taken lightly."
[With no guarantee that my orthography is "ortho."]

Opposition Claims It Won Majority in Zimbabwe Vote
New York Times - 2 hours ago
By BARRY BEARAK HARARE, Zimbabwe - The main opposition officially claimed victory Wednesday in the presidential election and urged President Robert G. Mugabe to concede, saying its tally showed challenger Morgan Tsvangirai had won a slim majority.
Mugabe's Zanu-PF loses majority BBC News
Mugabe's Ruling Party Loses Parliamentary Majority (Update2) Bloomberg
Zimbabwe: MDC Wins Elections Black Star News

There is an extensive article on Robert Mugabe at Wikipedia.
The home page for the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) is here.

Правящая партия Зимбабве проиграла парламентские выборы - избирком
РИА Новости - 1 час назад
МОСКВА, 2 апр - РИА Новости. Избирательная комиссия Зимбабве обнародовала первые официальные итоги прошедших 29 марта парламентских выборов - правящая партия потеряла большинство в парламенте, сообщает в среду агентство Франс Пресс. Оппозиционная партия "Движение за демократические перемены" (MDC) получила 105 из 210 мест в парламенте. Таким образом, "Африканский национальный союз Зимбабве - Патриотический фронт" (ZANU-PF) - партия президента Робета Мугабе - потеряла большинство и получила всего 93 ...

Zimbabwe: le parti de Mugabe perd le contrôle du Parlement
La - Il y a 25 minutes
Le parti du président zimbabwéen Robert Mugabe a perdu le contrôle du Parlement, selon les derniers résultats officiels communiqués mercredi. Un peu plus tôt, l'opposition avait déjà annoncé la victoire de son candidat à l'élection présidentielle. ...
Le président zimbabwéen Robert Mugabe susceptible de s'accrocher L'Express
Au Zimbabwe, Mugabe a officiellement perdu les législatives Libération

US urges Zimbabwe gov't to respect will of people Reuters South Africa
Mugabe must step down with dignity - Tutu The Times

Pierde Mugabe oficialmente mayoría en el Parlamento de Zimbabwe
El Universal (México) - hace 2 horas
09:02 El presidente de Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, parece haber perdido la mayoría en el Parlamento del país africano, ya que los primeros resultados de las elecciones del sábado pasado arrojan que los sufragios favorecen al partido de la oposición. ...
La oposición se declara vencedora en las elecciones de Zimbabwe Milenio
Zimbabue: oposición canta victoria y dice que se terminó la era de ... Prensa Libre (Guatemala)

U.S. Economy
Bernanke Says US Economy May Slip Into a Recession (Update3)
Bloomberg - 2 hours ago
By Scott Lanman April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke acknowledged for the first time that a US recession is possible because homebuilding, unemployment and consumer spending will deteriorate.
Stocks Hold Gains As Bernanke Speaks The Associated Press
Stocks Mixed as Bernanke Speaks BusinessWeek

Senate nears compromise on housing rescue bill
Reuters - 1 hour ago
By Kevin Drawbaugh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The US Senate edged closer to consensus on Wednesday on a bipartisan bill to help homeowners hit by the mortgage crisis, with agreement seen on a tax break for home builders and other measures.
Senate may vote on housing aid Wednesday MarketWatch
The stealth bailout in the works for homebuilders Los Angeles Times

NATO Summit: Ukraine - Georgia - Afghanistan

Ukrainian leaders strive for NATO membership, citizens unsure they ...
International Herald Tribune - 1 hour ago
AP KIEV, Ukraine: When they sit down for dinner, Leonid and Yelena Adrov don't just talk about their daughter's grades or summer vacation plans.
Video: Russian bases would boost global anti-missile defences - Bus RussiaToday
Bush Asks NATO Leaders to Embrace Policies New York Times

NATO expansion rift widens ahead of summit
Sydney Morning Herald - 1 hour ago
The United States stepped up calls for Ukraine and Georgia to be put on track to join NATA ahead of the start of an alliance summit on Wednesday dominated by the alliance's expansion.

Les dirigeants de l'Otan réunis pour un sommet indécis
Le Parisien - Il y a 26 minutes
Les dirigeants des 26 pays devront, notamment, décider si l'Ukraine et la Géorgie pourront obtenir un statut de candidat officiel à l'alliance militaire occidentale. Les dirigeants des 26 pays de l'Otan ont entamé mercredi soir à Bucarest un sommet ...
Le sommet de l'OTAN dominé par l'Afghanistan La
L'Ukraine et la Géorgie pourraient ne pas rentrer dans l'Otan L'Express

Francia y Alemania no comparten idea de Bush en la OTAN
Milenio - hace 5 horas
Bush a su llegada Rumania. Foto: AP En anticipo a una cumbre de tres días de la OTAN, Bush hizo intensa campaña en favor de las dos ex repúblicas soviéticas, que comparten fronteras con Rusia a lo largo de importantes rutas de petróleo y gas. Bucarest. ...
RESUMEN 1-Bush presiona OTAN por Ucrania, Georgia, Afganistan Reuters América Latina
Rechaza el gobierno de Rusia el eventual ingreso de Ucrania y ... La Jornada (México)

Nato summit: George Bush abandoned over Ukraine and Georgia
Times Online - 48 minutes ago
President Bush was today being abandoned by his closest allies as his appeal for Ukraine and Georgia to be earmarked for Nato membership met with opposition from Britain, France and Germany.

Will Nato summit bring Afghan deal?
BBC News - 41 minutes ago
By Alastair Leithead Spring has come early in Afghanistan this year and the warmer weather has brought more fighting between the Taleban and international forces.
Harper 'optimistic' about getting extra troops for Afghanistan
Harper meets with Karzai in run-up to NATO summit

Iraqi city appears relatively calm
CNN - 3 hours ago
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Security forces in the southern Iraqi city of Basra hunted militants Wednesday in a stronghold of a powerful Shiite militia.
Video: Al-Sadr Tells Followers to End Violence in Iraq AssociatedPress
Iraqi army show of force in Basra BBC News

Pastor Who Visited Iraq Settles NY Case
The Associated Press - 15 hours ago
NEW YORK (AP) - Federal prosecutors have settled a dispute with a clergyman who defied government regulations and visited Iraq in 2003 to protest the pending US-led invasion, a lawyer for the clergyman said Tuesday. Under the agreement, the Rev.

Iraq UK troop reduction delayed
BBC News - Apr 1, 2008
There are no current plans to reduce the number of British troops based in Iraq, Defence Secretary Des Browne is expected to tell MPs.

Special Article
The Statesman - 20 hours ago
With the US economy in a huge slump, with the US army bogged down in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and with the tattered record of the Bush administration tainted by misinformation through its entire first term, the odds would be daunting for any candidate.

Al-Sadr Stronghold Brims With Confidence
The Associated Press - 2 hours ago
BAGHDAD (AP) - Black banners announcing the deaths of Mahdi Army fighters plaster the streets. Scores of Shiite militiamen gather at the funeral of a fallen comrade as a US helicopter gunship hovers above.
Iraqi army show of force in Basra BBC News
US: Some Iraqi troops still not up to the task Middle East Online

Tibet - China - India
For India, Tibet Poses Some Delicate Issues
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
By Rama Lakshmi NEW DELHI, April 1 -- Angry Tibetans in India chanted all kinds of anti-China slogans last month when they gathered to protest the crackdown in their homeland.
Exile Tibet radio claims China steps up jamming of news broadcasts International Herald Tribune
China Alleges Tibetan 'Suicide Squads' The Associated Press

Paulson urges China to have dialogue on Tibet
Reuters - 3 hours ago
By Glenn Somerville BEIJING, April 2 (Reuters) - US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson raised the sensitive topic of unrest in Tibet during a visit to Beijing on Wednesday, urging a resolution to the issue through dialogue.
Chinese, Indian FMs hold phone talks on bilateral ties Xinhua

Le dalaï lama réclame une pression internationale sur la Chine
L'Express - Il y a 3 heures
Le dalaï lama, chef spirituel des Tibétains en exil, a demandé mercredi une pression internationale sur Pékin pour arrêter la répression militaire chinoise qui s'intensifie, selon lui, dans les régions de Chine peuplées de Tibétains. ...
La Chine multiplie les accusations contre le dalaï-lama Le Point
Pour Wen Jiabao, les canaux entre Pékin et le dalaï-lama restent ... Le Monde

Veteran leaders urge China to talk to Dalai Lama
Reuters South Africa - 1 hour ago
JOHANNESBURG, April 2 (Reuters) - A group of former world leaders including Nelson Mandela and Jimmy Carter urged China on Wednesday to negotiate with the Dalai Lama to find a peaceful solution to political unrest in Tibet.
India warns Dalai Lama over protests The Australian

China discloses protest in Muslim region
International Herald Tribune - 4 hours ago
By Howard W. French SHANGHAI: Acknowledging a recent protest in the region, the Chinese government has announced that Islamic separatist groups are seeking to foment unrest in the Muslim, northwestern region of Xinjiang.
Muslim extremists attempted 'uprising' in Xinjiang: China Hindu
Tibet unrest spreads to Muslim separatists in China Times Online

Le dalaï-lama cible de la Chine
Le journal du dimanche en ligne - Il y a 14 heures
En réaction aux manifestations au Tibet, les autorités chinoises semblent avoir décidé de concentrer leurs attaques sur la personne du dalaï-lama. La Chine lui impute ainsi l'organisation du soulèvement à Lhassa et l'accuse de fomenter des ...
En Chine, quelques voix bravent le tabou tibétain Le Figaro
Participation du Conseil régional de Bretagne aux JO de Pékin Agence Bretagne Presse

Ireland's Ahern to resign, but peacemaker legacy likely to endure
Christian Science Monitor - 1 hour ago
Amid an inquiry of his personal finances, the prime minister announced Wednesday that he would step down May 6. By Michael Seaver | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor Dublin, Ireland - On the eve of the 10th anniversary of Northern ...
Irish Premier Ahern to Quit After Decade in Power (Update5) Bloomberg
Irish Prime Minister Announces Resignation Voice of America

War Criminals Working for the White House (John C. Yoo edition)
When Laws Don't Apply
Washington Post - 3 hours ago
Our Readers Who Comment are up in arms today about John C. Yoo's 2003 legal memo that said military interrogators could ignore laws against tactics often regarded as torture when questioning al-Queda captives because the president's authority as ...
Presidential powers said to sanction torture Seattle Times
US Memo justifies harsh interrogation United Press International
Note: As a California native I am personally ashamed that Yoo is allowed to teach law in Berkeley.

US interrogation memo made public
BBC News - 48 minutes ago
The Pentagon has declassified a legal memo from March 2003 which approved the use of harsh interrogation techniques for terror suspects held abroad.
Memo gave Pentagon exemption from criminal laws Guardian
Pentagon: Bush's authority trumps torture law

Ignoring the Supreme Court
Washington Post - 13 hours ago
THE BUSH administration never had any intention of doing what the Supreme Court commanded it to do a year ago today: regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

EPA delays carbon-dioxide move UI The Daily Iowan (subscription)
States sue EPA over global warning El Paso Times

Astronomers see 'youngest planet'
BBC News - 5 hours ago
By Paul Rincon An embryonic planet detected in a far off galaxy could be less than 2000 years old, astronomers say. The ball of dust and gas, which is in the process of turning into a Jupiter-like giant, was detected around the star HL Tau by a UK team ...
Have astronomers spotted the youngest known planet? New Scientist (subscription)
Baby planet found around star HL Tau

Colombia - France - Spain - Switzerland - Slovenia
L'Élysée annonce qu'une mission humanitaire en Colombie a débuté
L'Express - Il y a 54 minutes
Une mission humanitaire menée conjointement par la France, l'Espagne et la Suisse a débuté en faveur, notamment, d'Ingrid Betancourt, otage des Forces armées révolutionnaires en Colombie (Farc) depuis 2002, a annoncé l'Élysée. ...
Betancourt : la mission humanitaire est lancée Le Parisien
La Suisse agit pour les otages des FARC

Betancourt needs urgent treatment
BBC News - 5 hours ago
The Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt needs a blood transfusion within hours to stay alive, according to her son. Lorenzo Delloye says his mother has hepatitis B and a skin disease, which require a blood transfusion "in the coming hours".
Son says Betancourt has hepatitis B and needs a blood transfusion ... CNN
France hopes doctor can reach Betancourt swiftly International Herald Tribune

Desea Eslovenia pronta libertad de Betancourt
Milenio - hace 41 minutos
El mandatario de Eslovenia, Danilo Turk dijo que ‘me gustaría ver a Ingrid Betancourt liberada. Espero que las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia lo hagan sobre una base humanitaria’. Lima, Perú.- El mandatario de Eslovenia, Danilo Turk, ...

Stonehenge révèlera-t-il ses mystères? - Il y a 4 heures
Le très célèbre site mégalithique anglais de Stonehenge est l'objet de fouilles archéologiques poussées depuis lundi dernier. Les opérations visent à percer le secret du mystérieux alignement circulaire concentrique constitué de pierres géantes. ...
Les mystères de Stonehenge bientôt résolus?
De nouvelles fouilles pour percer le mystère de Stonehenge AFP

Chad - Sudan
Khartoum accuse le Tchad d'avoir bombardé un village soudanais - Il y a 42 minutes
KHARTOUM - Khartoum a accusé mercredi l'armée tchadienne d'avoir bombardé un village soudanais dans la région du Darfour, et affirmé qu'une roquette tirée depuis le Tchad avait touché une unité militaire soudanaise, en violation d'un récent accord de ...
Tchad/combats: 21 rebelles morts Le Figaro
Au Tchad, les rebelles somment la France de ne plus soutenir ... Le Monde

La France « déroule le tapis rouge » à Mohamed Bacar - 31 mar 2008
Le président déchu de l’île d’Anjouan, aux Comores, a été relaxé samedi par le tribunal de Saint-Denis de la Réunion, pour vice de forme. Mohamed Bacar et 22 de ses hommes qui, fuyant Anjouan, avaient débarqué le 26 mars à Mayotte avant d’être ...
Bacar relaxé par la justice française Le Figaro
Affaire Bacar : comment sauver un chef d’Etat déchu ? Té

When Thou was crucified, O Christ, the tyranny of the enemy was destroyed and his might was trampled down; for neither an Angel nor a human, but Thou Thyself didst save us. O Lord, glory be to thee.
--Wednesday of the Second Week, Pentecostarion

--the BB

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