Saturday, April 05, 2008

Out and about

James Barry, "King Lear Weeping
Over the Death of Cordelia"

Yes, blogging here has been a bit light. Yesterday evening I headed out to join my best friend and his father for dinner followed by the Vortex Theatre production of Lear. They did a splendid job. Paul Ford, who "works across the street" (i.e., must teach drama at UNM), was excellent as Lear--moving from unwise assertions to indignation, from desperation to madness, and finally to a shattered kind of wisdom.

There was a certain "old home" feel for me last night. For years I attended the Aurora Theatre in Berkeley (and was a charter subscriber). They had a very intimate performance space at the Berkeley City Club (a Julia Morgan building) and a larger but still intimate space when they got their new theatre on Addison Street near the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Our season seats were always in the front row, which meant that my feet were always on the stage. Whenever actors approached our corner, I pulled my feet back to give them space. The rest of the time I could stretch out (at 6'5", I find this a very important luxury).

Vortex has general seating and by the time we arrived the theatre was almost full. In a configuration I had not seen there before, the stage was in the center with seats rising on opposing sides (think basketball court). I was able to save a couple of spots for the others on one side and wound up on the opposite side, front row in the corner. Flashback! And a very comfortable and comforting situation for me. As usual, I pulled me feet out of the way when entrances and exits were made near me.

Modern dress, minimal props, zero scenery. It was great.

Today I dashed out early this afternoon, before finishing the world watch post, and had lunch with my friend Kathy. We yakked endlessly about many things, as usual. I came home by way of the drug and video stores, finished up the post that had been left hanging for hours, and am still catching up on my reading of political and religious blogs.

We are having lovely weather here in ABQ at the moment.

Not all that exciting, but that's my life at the moment.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

6'5"? I knew you were tall, but I did not know you were that tall. I am 5'1" if I stand up very straight, we shall make an interesting pair when I come to visit!

Lear sounds amazing... lovely. As does your life at the moment, very nice.

And ABQ during nice weather is divine. New Mexico is a really healing place for me and I am grateful that I got to spend so much time there over the years.

One day I must tell you the funny story of my visit to Las Vegas, New Mexico, which is an important qualifier. I stayed in the hotel that was used in No Country For Old Men.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will see you on the road to Emmaus!

Paul said...

Fran, you are a veritable fountain of stories about your many adventures here and there. I anticipate their unfolding over time.

Meanwhile, the cross street of the Frontier (I tried to pay attention just for you) is Cornell. Stanford is one block east and the Vortex Theatre is several blocks west, just off Central on Buena Vista (one block west of Yale).

FranIAm said...

I can see all of this in my mind's eye dear Paul!

Please note that while I am potentially (new word alert; etymology clear to you no doubt!) "saffordian" in my story telling, street names remain as they are!

Paul said...

Did you hear loud cackles of laughter all the way to NY when I read "saffordian"?

FranIAm said...

Well, I think I was at mass when you read this, so I thought it was just the choir of angels. Guess it was YOU!!

I encourage the use of this word, with your permission that is!

(((Paul))) as my step-daughter would say to me in a txt msg ur the best!