Saturday, April 05, 2008

Interrogational drugs

In today's FISA update, mcjoan refers to comments by Jeff Stein at CQ on the use of interrogational drugs in light of the Yoo torture memo.
"Yes, I believe they have been used," Jeffrey S. Kaye, a clinical psychologist who works with torture victims at Survivors International in San Francisco, told me.

"I came across some evidence that they were using mind-altering drugs, to regress the prisoners, to ascertain if they were using deception techniques, to break them down," said Kaye.


Mcjoan concludes:
Here's yet another reason for Congress to, as Marty Lederman has argued, put a moratorium on "considering any administration legislative proposals until all of the memos have been disclosed and (appropriately) repudiated by the Department of Justice." That goes doubly for FISA.

--the BB

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