Saturday, August 23, 2008

I want my country back

So let's get to work to make that happen.

There are no perfect candidates. There will never be a perfect president. These two senators, however, offer us the hope of turning America around to what it once stood for and what it yet might become - a change from the decline into barbarity, ignorance, and incompetence that the Cheney-Bush years epitomize (and Saint Ronnie began).

Let's make government work again.

Let's make it happen.

Yes, we can.

You can donate here. I did this morning.
--the BB


FranIAm said...

Amen- let us move on, move ahead and move into the White House.

Jane R said...

Ah, you fell for the bumper sticker e-mail. I'm about to. :-) Onward!

Paul said...

There's a bumper sticker in this? Actually, Jane, when I signed up there was just the announcement - no car magnets or other rewards / bribes involved. I did it to reward Obama for picking someone for VP that I can support happily.

Yes, Biden can rattle on longer than a Baptist preacher and yes, he occasionally infuriates me. But he is a man of knowledge, experience, and principle whom we can respect and count on to move in the right direction overall. Woohoo. Great foreign policy chops - at a time when McSame is saying how important foreign policy is. Granpy McMansions will have a hard time coming up with anyone comparable.

it's margaret said...

In this neck of the woods, the minute Obama announced Biden, the news channels started also carrying "Obama's long lost "forgotten" half-brother, George Hussein Obama" and showing him in a "shanty town" slum with ragged clothes on... played on all the fears. Really disgusting. McCain's camp is really pushing venom here.

Paul said...

They are pushing venom because (1) that is all they have to offer and (2) they are frightened of losing power. Cornered animals are very dangerous. We have for some time been going through the death throes of the patriarchy. I am not so rash as to say we are seeing the "last throes" but we are in the process of watching it die and the resistance is mighty. This drama is one small part of it. As is all the fuss in Anglicanland. So much more to come.

Let us hold fast, be faithful, and keep patience.

Oh, and when they misbehave, kick them in the nuts. It gets their attention.