Thursday, August 21, 2008

When I think of California....

Emeryville, San Francisco, the Bay viewed from the El Cerrito Hills

San Pablo Bay viewed from Mare Island

Stoked, susankay, absolutely stoked.

And this is the groom of the upcoming wedding with a much younger, thinner, and hairier BB, his granduncle:

--the BB


FranIAm said...

That is nice.

California here he comes!

Padre Mickey said...

I like to visit this site when I'm thinking about the Bay Area.

Great photos in this post.Love dem lentes and that shirt, Tío '70's!

susankay said...

Hey -- you were cute even then.

And my California dreaming memories were of courting skin cancer (who knew?) with my best friend MaryLou as we worked into ever smaller bikinis over the summer -- resulted in stripes. I finally found ML via internet a few years ago and we are both incredibly happy with life partners of people of different sexes or genders or whatever.

Stoked indeed.

Paul said...

Very Tio 70s indeed. Living or around - or in my case commuting through - the Berkeley hills is one of the great treats of life in my book. The view from Lawrence Lab is a good example of what one can see. I used to commute from the El Cerrito hills through the Berkeley hills east of the Cal campus and along Grizzly Peak to descend down Fish Ranch Road, through the Caldecott Tunnel, then along 13 down to St Cuthbert's. It was not a short drive but it was a spectacular one. I loved my commute.

Padre Mickey said...

Yes, I always loved Grizzly Peak Road. Nowadays when I go to Berkeley, I usually stay with Robbin, so I'm up there on Grizzly Peak. I used to have to go up there to fix things at Louis W's house, as I was the only guy around who knew anything about hot water heaters, etc.