Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, we never talk about that....

If you should happen to peruse the Wikipedia article on Jim Hensley, Cindy McCain's father, you may notice some familiar storylines - war, being shot down, a married man meeting another woman, divorce....

But there are things one does not discuss in dysfunctional families and it is important to shut these things out of one's consciousness. So, although Cindy Hensley had an older half-sister, she has described herself as an only child.

Now there is a book coming out in which half-siblings from an earlier marriage are also omitted. It is by John McSame's daughter Meghan.

I wonder if the next generation will replicate the patterns? Fascinating.

I have just summarized a fuller treatment by watertiger at Firedoglake.
--the BB

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Paul said...

PS: Lat time I looked, in seminary everybody IS gay until they say otherwise (and some who say otherwise still are).

OMG, the puritans will freak out even more over our seminaries now. (As if they could freak out more than they already do.)