Monday, September 29, 2008

Eddie and the Bear

While Maggie and Belle are back in Albuquerque, regaling their siblings with tales their dad needn't hear and planning escapades dad really doesn't need to hear about, I have not returned to New Orleans alone.

Yes, that silhouetted figure checking out the Superdome from my boss's office is another one of the kids, one who especially wanted to visit the Crescent City.

I'll let him speak for himself.


My name is Eddie (Oedi if my dad is looking, but nobody can spell that).

My family came to California with the eucalyptus trees but we were less invasive.

I am extremely fond of shrimp and crawfish and enjoy a good annelid étouffée.

I like to hunt and fish but that doesn’t make me a bubba. I also like Faith Hill, Mozart, and vintage Three Dog Night. I am an awesome swimmer. I'd vote for Obama if I could but it's hard to register if you write with webbed feet. Moose are my friends. In fact, one of my brothers is a Moose. Pample is back home in Albuquerque. I do not shoot moose or wolves, just to be clear. OK, enough politics.

Paul took me to the vet to have my poison spurs removed but the rest of me is intact, so if you know any fine monotreme females, send them my way. I’ll put another shrimp on the barbie.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oy, oy, oy!
Well, you can see he's quite the guy, funloving and adventurous. I think he has seen more of New Orleans than I have. Since platypodes (I'm going for the Greek plural since it is really a Greek word slightly latinized) dine on shrimp, crawfish, and annelid worms he is in platy heaven!

Bubba Gump on Decatur seems to be one of his haunts. Since you can't get me near a crawfish I let him wander where he will and have fun. I have heard him mumble "étouffée" in his sleep. Auntie Jen likes cuddling with him on especially stressful days. What a charmer.

Here are a few more architectural details. I really have not been out and about with the camera much lately. Work. Rest. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I have now worked 15 days in a row and am looking forward to flying home Thursday evening.

Detail of capital on the Whitney Bank Building, New Orleans

Cool detail on the corner of St Charles and Common

Ornamentation of the upper windows

Ornamentation of the lower windows

Sunrise gilds the buildings of the CBD, New Orleans

Sunrise on the Superdome

Closeup of sunrise on the Superdome

A platypus and his bear take their ease

And that's the news from Lake, uh, Pontchartrain!
--the BB


Jane R said...

Cute platypus!

And as always, magnificent architectural photos.

Thanks for the introduction to cute Oedi-Eddie. (If he likes moose, he will enjoy one of Padre Mickey's forthcoming posts. I shall say no more.)

15 days in a row! Oy.

I'm kinda there too. Her Grace, however, has been resting up and will be able to write pastoral letters again soon.

Paul said...

+Maya Pavlova is, as ever, an ensample for us all.

Now to bed. (Love to both of you from Eddie and me)

FranIAm said...

He who sleep with platypus rise with... ?????

Paul said...

... with the dawn?

(I so wish I were sleeping in right now)

... with a fog of shrimp breath about him?

... with nice cuddles?

... with an Aussie accent?

susan s. said...

Lovely pictures! And it makes my heart go pitipat to know that you have a platypus to keep you company. He is a lovely lad! You have the most interesting children.

Paul said...

I think Oedi just blushed. He's incredibly cute and quit the plat about town. I suspect he'll leave a trail of broken hearts behind him when we decamp from NOLA.

In addition to Eddie, the family includes a boar, a Highland sheep, a bison, a heffalump, a moose, an owl, two otters, a lobster, a dolphin, a raccoon, a cat, two lions, an armadillo, a hippo, a whale and her calf, and numerous bears. That's at my house. Those who went to live with their other dad include a hedgehog, a seal, a husky, a gorilla, a cow, and a bear (at the very least). I am sure I am forgetting some of my kids but it is difficult to take inventory when they run about the house so and sleep in different rooms. There are two other hippos of carved Zimbabwean soapstone, one at each house, a wooden mallard named Bob, and a bronze bunny by the name of Nadya. Our seal ran off with our little sister's walrus and they live with cousins PJ and Jason in San Diego.

I am surrounded with love.

[Don't even think about adding to the menagerie.]