Saturday, October 04, 2008


and stuff. They can't print and deliver them fast enough. The Obama-Biden headquarters in Albuquerque sold 1000 yard signs last Saturday (one at a time, the lady added) and has had none since. They are hoping to get some soon. The volunteer from California said they were short of them in California also.

I did get my Obama-Biden, Martin Heinrich (NM-01), and Tom Udall (NM-Sen) bumper stickers. I will be sporting them the next time I drive the car out of the garage. I also got a Heinrich sign for my window but only because the helpful lad took one down from their office and gave it to me. In return for which I donated another $100 to help offset the nasty RNC funded ads from his opponent. I saw one today. Made me wanna puke.

Not much swag and not even many bumper stickers to go around these days. I am glad folks want these things. I wish we had enough available.

All in all, I visited the Obama, Heinrich, and NM State Dem HQ this afternoon.

In my friend Bill's neck of the woods the McCain signs outnumber Obama signs about 5 to 1 (my informal anecdotal driving poll), though Obama leads overall in NM. Bill lives in, shall we say, a neighborhood that includes folks with lots of money as well as folks of more modest means. One does come to expect obvious signs of class and party divisions following patterns. After all, Bush called the "haves and have mores" his base.

Yesterday someone, seeing my huge house (such a luxury for one person, and I am grateful for it), wondered if I might be a Republican. I showed him this blog so he is under no illusions about my politics. The Heinrich sign was not yet up in my window. It is now.

Got several errands run this weekend but did not get a haircut. I am getting a big shaggy. Tough. Folks will just have to put up with it until next trip.

Will get pics of Eddie the traveler up later. Time for bed.
--the BB

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FranIAm said...

There are not so many Obama-Biden lawn signs here, but I do see some. I had attributed that to this being a very Republican town and part of the county.

That said, there are not many McCain-Palin signs either- for what reason, I do not know.

A few months back Jane R. had a Barack Obama in Hebrew graphic up, so I went to the site and ordered two bumper stickers in Hebrew.

Recently I taped one to my inside rear window - I just don't put things on my car, but it is visible. I am sure more than a few locals in this very Republican and very non-Jewish area scratch their heads.

I would like an Obama-Biden lawn sign, but my husband, Obama-Biden supporter that he is, does not want any lawn signs.

I was in an interesting conversation with my neighbor yesterday, who is a 78 year old Republican woman. I must tell you she is one of the most delightful people I have ever met - so none of those descriptors are to be negative.

Anyway I had volunteered to make phone calls for our local (blue dog) Democratic congresswoman, Kirsten Gillibrand, up for re-election. She only won 2 years ago because of a huge scandal in the life of the incumbent and long time Rep. John Sweeney.

Anyway, they foisted lawn signs upon me, which I am giving to many folks who want them - Kirsten enjoys a lot of Rep. support.

I see these signs everywhere- and probably what I perceive as many, but not quite as many, for her Repub. opponent.

Now my neighbor seemed to think that there were zillions of signs for the Repub but not so many for Gillibrand.

Is this a question of perception? Republicans seeing only Republican signs?