Saturday, October 04, 2008

Soy Barack Obama y apruebo este mensaje

It must be emotions week. I cried at Matt's dancing video, I sobbed uncontrollably over Grendel, and now I am all misty with conflicting emotions from this short video.

It's in Spanish. It's about McCain's healthcare abomination. It's reaching out to the hispanohablantes. The plight of our uninsured and underinsured is tragic and shameful. As a nation we should be bitterly ashamed. My heart was already melting. Just hearing Obama speak those words in Spanish (not the best Spanish but not the worst either) moved me. He's not a messiah. Nobody in politics (or churches) is. But I do believe he deeply desires to represent all of the American people. Got me choked up. Here's the ad:

h/t to Steven R with lots on Obama's attack on McCain's "health plan."

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Diane said...

I cried about Grendel, too.