Monday, September 29, 2008

Raising the cussing quotient

Governor Palin on Gaza

Just read this. Six paragraphs by Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic. I am whomperjawed.

To paraphrase the Great Litany:
From governors of Alaska with the comprehension of junior high schoolers,
Good Lord, deliver us.

--the BB


FranIAm said...

I just linked to this.

Holy fucking shit is right.

susan s. said...

How much cussing do you want? That is the most dumbass shit I ever heard. Will we all have to fucking move if they are elected? Damn! She is so fucking stupid!

Paul said...

Well, SS, you've certainly done your part. LOL

Caminante said...

Esta mierda me deprima enormemente.

susan s. said...

I thought you would fucking appreciate it, Paul.

Paul said...

Lo siento, Caminante, y entiendo lo que dices.

That she seems oblivious to what is being asked indicates incredible cluelessness. Hmm, I may start callng her Governor Clueless. For the longest time I referred to her as Governor Palin for a modicum of civil discourse. She is a walking disaster and we've had 8 years of that already.