Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Die Kinder

I know some of you are wondering what the kids are up to now that the traveling ones and I are all back from New Orleans.

There has been some adjusting, trying to get back to whatever passes for normal (always a challenge).

The Floor Patrol has reconstituted itself downstairs. You may see them here underneath my great-grandfather's sermon-writing desk.

They are (L to R): Anthony B Thunderfoot, Zotney T, Haimish, Belle, Miss Hephzibah, Carlo Verro Esq., and Marcus. [Bison, giant South American anteater, highland cattle, hippoposterous, heffalump, boar, and lion, respectively.]

Now I have a gang to greet when I come in the door (in addition to shouting to those upstairs). The house feels homier with them back in place.

Then we have those huddled in and on one of the new pieces of furniture in my bedroom.

Top (L to R): Patches Pussy, Eddie (Oedipus Platypus), Manuel Mapache, Leo the lion cub, and Sally the humpback whale and her calf Jonah.

Bottom (L to R): Shou-Yi the panda, Dillinger my killer 'diller, Pample Moose, Norbert the NIH worm, Thermy (Thermopolous, NOT thermidor, please!), Otter the Great, Victor J Flyboy, Paddington Bear, and Margaret Macrina Dolphin (aka Maggie). Paddington is not in his standard duffle coat but in a tie-dye T-shirt I picked up on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley (where the 60s are alive and well).

There are other kids in the library and His Orthodox Majesty with whom I cuddle and sleep each night. They get to pose another time.

Anyway, shouts out from all the dwellers of Desert Farne. Dillinger sends a special shout out to David (see post below - David's blogging avatar is an armadillo).

h/t to Jane R who reminded me y'all have not heard from the kids lately. (I think they've been behaving, but then, what does Old Dad know?)
--the BB


Earthbound Spirit said...

I love Paddington's tie-dye T, he & my Jerry (Garcia) Bear would look fine together! Minnie (see my avatar) says "Meow" to Patches (she is still missing Spot). Thanks for the update on the kids. Their adventures in NOLA cracked me up.

Jane R said...

It's a banner day! First photos of gorgeous Jasper over at Doxy's and now this. (And rants at Mimi's place and mine. Must be a Wednesday thang. Though I know you know how to rant on other days, Pablito.) Thanks for the update.

Those kids have great names.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh my! They're all adorable, but it's like a fecking orphanage. You can't possibly give adequate care to such a ménage.

Hmmm. Is this a case for child care services?

My word verification is "aught". No kidding. I think I have my answer.

Paul said...

Really, Mimi, you raised a Catholic and worrying about a large family? You know they all have each other to play with.

I DO discourage folks giving me more. There is still the crowd in the library, and Bill has custody of several of the kids too.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Paul, I was just teasing. I've seen in real life what a devoted father you are - you know, giving the girls sips of your Sazerac and all.

Paul said...

Grandmère, I know you were, and I always tease back. Now whether "devoted" translates as "corrupting" depends on the level of irony one reads into the writings of a certain abuelita. LOL

For the longest time I was thinking that Belle was 28 and VERY much of legal age but I rethought that and realized after most of our NOLA stay was over that Belle had just turned 18 in April. Ah well. She and the others had a good time in the Big Easy. Otter the Great turned 30 last Christmas and he is older than all the rest except for Schmitty Bear who is a centenarian.

Earthbound Spirit said...

18 was legal age, when I was 18... so don't begrudge Belle her sips of Sazerac!

Paul said...

Well, exactly, EBS. I was relieved that - my math notwithstanding (and I an accountant!) - the girls were legal.

And when I think of them spending a weekend with Aunt Jen in the Vieux Carré.... well, Dad just doesn't want details.

My rules were: play safe, no headlines or photos, and no phone calls from jail. They abided, to my knowledge, by all three.