Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heart thread - 1/27/2009

Mad Priest lists the prayer requests at OCICBW and the thread of love and intercession follows.

Ellie Finlay (of Child of Illusion) feared she might be having a heart attack. She later reported from hospital that this appears not to be the case (Hallelujah!) but is still in for tests and observation. May the holy angels defend her and Christ sustain her.

David (of The Knowledge Box) was among the tens of thousands laid off so he and his family need our prayers. May hope not fail them, community uphold them, and employment come in time.

JimB is laid off and laid up and needing to have his gall bladder yanked. May great healing graces pour down from heaven and well up from earth and may all who minister to him be guided with wisdom, skill, and grace.

Tracie the Red is battling "bizarre bronchial illness" (and if anyone can battle it's our Tracie). May she have a happy issue from all her afflictions.

Amid all their afflictions, these folks are praying for each other and all of us. Let's not slack off in this great chain of love.

It might not hurt to remember MP whose blog and the Holy Spirit have brought us all together.

[The photo was taken from the parking lot tonight as I left work.]
--the BB

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