Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope springs eternal in the furry beast

The back yard viewed from
my bedroom window
on 17 April 2007.
I had just planted roses and fruit trees.

It is about as bleak now, but much more lush. I will take photos this weekend.

Tonight on the way home I stopped at Costco and Home Depot and bought ten bare root roses. That should brighten up the summer. I obviously am counting on yard time this Saturday (and possibly Sunday).

In other news: I received an e-mail last night from UNM continuing education. Russian II has been canceled because of low enrollment. Sigh. I asked them to transfer my tuition to Conversational Russian and am waiting to hear (a) that they have done so and (b) what room we will meet in this coming Monday.

My regret is that I won't get the continued foundational work before being dumped into conversation. I still have not learned how to form all the cases and we had only touched on past and future tenses. We had not gone anywhere near perfective and imperfective verbs or unidirectional and multidirectional ones.

Большой вздох!*

--the BB
* Grand soupir!


David said...

enough with the perfectionism

perhaps the order of things just shifted to see if you were paying attention ? LOL

and you never know what great folks you're going to find in conversation!

wishing you a wondrous Monday my dear friend.


Paul said...

LOL. I am sure I will meet cool folks in the conversation class. I enjoyed my classmates in Russian I very much. But, David, I will always be a perfectionist in learning languages. I don't beat myself up for speaking broken Italian or remembering only a little German; but I have a very high standard for fluency and will only acknowledge that I once had it in French and still have a ways to go in Spanish. I can converse in Spanish all day long and think in it but it is not yet effortless. I don't intend to relax the standard as it gives me something to strive for.