Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking on shifting sands

David@Montreal has been encouraging me to look at frustrations and setbacks as opportunities (not his exact words). I have thought of him when trying to rearrange my schedule, my life, my expectations.

Today I was on the phone during lunch hour working out the shift in class registrations through the University of New Mexico continuing education office and talking to a furniture salesman. I ordered - and paid for - bookshelves a while back. This was at a nice discount and through a store going through reorganization (i.e., bankruptcy) so they don't even order the goods until you buy them. There are staffing changes, of course. The nice lady who wrote up my order is no longer working for them. A person taking over her accounts left a message that, well, the order for the shelves intended for my bedroom had not been placed. So I talked to him today and that order has now been placed but it's going to take another 4-6 weeks before the shelves arrive.

Rearranging schedules, life, expectations.


I was actually quite mellow with all this, though disappointed.

Meanwhile, after buying ten bare root roses on the way home last night, I bought another two tonight along with six bags of mushroom compost and three bags of cedar bark chips. Hoping for nice weather tomorrow so I can work in the garden. And remembering that I may have to rearrange my schedule, my life, and/or my expectations.

Que será, será.

I also picked up a huge stack of clean starched shirts at the cleaners. Now that I have a bunch of wrinkle resistant shirts from Eddie Bauer, I don't need to visit the cleaners quite so often. These were ones I dropped off ages ago.

One cannot avoid speculating how they take 100% cotton and make it wrinkle resistant. I have washed these shirts and taken them out of the dryer and they have looked terrific, even with creases where an iron would have put them intentionally. Sure, there is some major interfacing in the collar, cuffs, and placket, but what HAVE they done? Steeped the fabric in the blood of freshly clubbed baby seals under a new moon while chanting to chthonic deities? Anyway, the result of whatever they do is quite fabulous.

The sum of all this is that this has been a week of minor chores. Four trips over the course of one week to refill my prescriptions (and WHY has Walgreen's online renewal program shut down?), picking up gardening supplies, and generally doing this or that little task. I need to do a lot more chores but seeing things get done is good, even lots of little things.

I hope y'all are launching into some really fine weekend activities or cessation of activities.
--the BB

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