Tuesday, January 27, 2009

They's some s**t here that just don't make sense

Rachel Maddow helps us understand why the pieces being tossed out there just don't fit together:

No, the pieces don't fit at all. Because some of the pieces are not really part of the puzzle. Somebody somewhere is pulling stuff out of, well, you know where, and we all know what comes out of you know where. A whole lotta crap.

Lies. Distortions. Phony non-issues. Divisiveness. And the ever-popular two sets of rules: one for Goopers and one for Dems.

Yep, the Republican playbook is alive and well. And the media pass it all along as though it made sense (or were even true). And people buy it.

Folks, we need to debunk the lies, stand up to the fearmongering, and every now and then kick them in the groin to remind them that they're why we're in this mess and are incapable of getting us out of it.

Rat bastards.

Well, that's my contribution to the illusion of bipartisanship. You see, I've learned something from them. They can't be trusted, they won't play fair, and we need to play this game the way it should be played. If they won't play fair and right, kick 'em off the damned field.

And for heaven's sake, don't indulge their tantrums.

OK, back to Paris.

h/t to Heather at Crooks and Liars
--the BB

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