Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turdblossom, subpoenas, and the rule of law

Karl Rove, surely one of the more amoral creatures to walk or slither across the earth, has been subpoenaed again by Representative Conyers. Will he be able to wriggle away from it this time?

The WSJ reports:
Robert Luskin, Mr. Rove's attorney, said Mr. Rove recently received a renewed privilege assertion from President Bush, before the president left office. Mr. Luskin said he would consult with Mr. Obama's White House counsel to determine the Obama administration's stance.

There is some dispute in legal circles over whether a president's executive privilege claim continues to be in force after he leaves office if his successor doesn't enforce it.

"At the end of the day Rove will do what he is told," Mr. Luskin said.
Marcy has an extended consideration of the matter and its legal ramifications, along with her disclaimer that she is not a lawyer (but one darn smart cookie, I tell ya). You may read it all here. I commend it to those interested in following issues of checks and balances and rule of law.

My own view, of course, is that it is long past time to haul his ass in to testify or hold him in contempt. The arrogant shit (no, he's not the blossom that springs from manure, just the steaming pile itself) is long overdue for frogmarching to a secure cell. A great multitude of the evils of the past eight years could not have come to pass without his wickedness at work.

Pass the popcorn. This should be interesting.
--the BB

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