Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heart thread - 02/15/2009

Susankay sends an update:
An update on Terri, my priest's wife: The op went well and the "margins" and lymph nodes look clean. Next step radiation. Prayers are working. Please continue. Many thanks from me and Andrew+.

Let us also remember:

  • Those whose lives were lost in the plane crash near Buffalo, NY
  • Those who continue to fight fires and begin rebuilding lives in Australia
  • Zimbabwe’s fledgling power-sharing Government
  • For the peoples of nations torn by war or civil strife
  • For all refugees
  • For the homeless and the hungry
  • For those ravaged within or without, whether by disease or by emotional turmoil
  • For those in bondage or addiction
  • For those who have lost hope
  • For the unemployed
  • For the overworked
  • For the turning of our hearts to one another
  • For the earth from whom we spring and on whom we depend
  • For responsible decisions and actions that take into account the next seven generations
  • For an increase in faith, hope, and love
  • For an outpouring of justice and righteousness
  • For forgiveness of our follies and hardheartedness
  • For healing of every kind
  • For peace

--the BB

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FranIAm said...

Amen amen- prayers for all!