Sunday, February 15, 2009

We've got your talking point right here

Obama was elected to find solutions to our nation's pressing problems. Obama and the majority Democrats need to implement the best possible solutions to those problems. If Republicans have genuinely good ideas (i.e., not their tired "tax cuts!" crap, especially now that Democrats have passed the largest tax cut in American history with zero Republican support), then fantastic. They can bring them to the table for due consideration. Otherwise, they shouldn't get a second thought from the adults actually trying to clean up George W. Bush's messes.

All they had to offer was tax cuts and snipping at bits and pieces as though anyone could possibly believe they are the party of fiscal responsibility after the last eight years. The American People have been waking up and are not so easily fooled, in spite of all the GOP mouthpieces in the media and the insular Village views.

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