Saturday, February 21, 2009

Taking +Maya's advice

San Pablo Bay viewed from Pinole, CA
22 February 2003

Following the counsels of that most godly bishop, +Maya Pavlova, and offering myself vicariously for Jane R and anyone else who needs rest, I am about to take a little nap. Actually, I just took one at the computer.

I did a bit more restoration of watering wells (the trenches around plants, not those deep holes for drawing liquid from the earth), mulching, and watering in the yard this morning. I have studied a little tiny bit of Russian, though I need to do a lot more. There was some cooking. Reading online, of course. And I am reviewing the first 85 or so pages of my novel-in-revision. Getting ready to actually print up the revision so some other eyes can see if what I have attempted in the re-write is successful or not. I would so love to ship this off to a publisher!

This is a rather unbooked weekend so if I am moving slowly that seems just perfect.

And now for a little snooze.
--the BB

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it's margaret said...

home---she says, touching the screen and remembering the tangy salt smell at that end of the bay.

God bless you.