Sunday, February 15, 2009

Loafing on Sunday

Roses from summer 2007

Today I did not plant the rest of the roses and the vines. I had great fun preaching this morning. One priest's husband said I was in the zone this morning. I said it was because I had a Bible in my hand. (Dangerous when you let an ex-Baptist preach that way, you know.)

I was having such an intense time playing with rich narrative, historical context, sociological studies, and evangelical fervor that I actually said "kicked ass" in the sermon. Sudden pause as my eyes grew wide and I asked, "Did I say that? I did, didn't I?" In our mission congregation that was not a big deal but I was horrified. I can get carried away but I had never said more than "butt" or "booty" in sermons before.

Still, I had a good time preaching on transgressing social and ritual boundaries and trusting God's power to heal and sanctify more than we fear any power of the "unclean" to damage or pollute.

I made several stops on the way home. (1) Checking out trees at Lowe's; (2) enjoying breakfast at Flying Star; and (3) picking up more mushroom compost and shredded cedar at Home Despot. Oh, and one more bare root rose because it looked so pretty. Running out of planting spaces - given that I need some room for vegies and room to maneuver.

I did not plant this afternoon, however. I took it easy. I did haul seven bags from the trunk of the car into the back yard and put mulch and cedar around some of the older plants.

The Thompson seedless grape vine, freshly mulched

Roses planted yesterday:
John F. Kennedy on the left and Pink Promise on the right

Buds on the Methley plum

New life on one of the roses from two years ago

Black Tartarian cherry in the foreground
and Santa Rosa plum in the background,
both freshly mulched.
The two green clumps are kitchen sage.

And that's the gardening report for today. I hope to finish planting roses and vines tomorrow. It is supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow than it was today, and today was lovely.
--the BB


David said...

'kick ass' was obviously appropriate, so, dear friend i'd lovingly suggest you get over it and give thanks you didn't say 'kiss ass' LOL


Paul said...

LOL. Oh, I got over it immediately. By naming it and talking about it we all were able to move on, and it was appropriate in the context and no one was grossed out. But for just that moment I was horrified.

I mean, "fuck" is one of my favorite words but I have managed not to use that in a sermon either - and hope I never do.

I was talking about how the Syrians had beaten Israel - kicked ass - and this is the context in which the king of Israel would receive a missive from the king of Syria - "oh shit, now what?" And I didn't say that either, but conveyed the context. The story of Naaman has many deaths, actual and potential, in its background.

Jane R said...

Lawzamercy, chile, you are on a ROLL - in the Lord's vineyard and in the garden!