Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents' Day yard update

My Christmas present from my BFF was time together in my garden. Today we had breakfast in Corrales, picked up two fruit trees and some other supplies, and headed south to Desert Farne.

We planted a second Elberta peach, a Keiffer pear, the remaining four bare root roses (including one "Singing in the Rain" - see picture above, we can hope), a honeysuckle, and two clematis vines (Nelly Moser and Warsaw Nike). Oh, and 55 corms of gladiolus. We enlarged and restored numerous wells around older plants, mulched, and watered.

I can see so much progress in the yard since a month ago! If all my roses make it, I will have 18 bushes of roses this summer. I can hardly wait. Some are putting forth tender red shoots already.

We had cheeseburgers and fries at a nearby restaurant that I did not even know existed (ABQ City Limits, formerly La Reina de Michoacan?). Then we came back and my friend helped me do a kitchen cleanup. Greater love hath no friend than to help clean house!

I feel royally treated for Christmas, let me tell you.

And I am very excited about the yard this year. May I stay employed here in Albuquerque so I can both tend and enjoy it this summer. Amen.
--the BB

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