Monday, February 16, 2009

Heart thread # 2 - 02-16-2009 - updated

I got this e-mail from my niece today:
Katie has been admitted to Clovis Community for preterm labor. Babies will be 24 weeks on Tuesday. Please pray for patience (as bed-rest is the most likely option), good medical management, and of course, a good outcome for Mom and babies. They should hear this morning about a possible transfer to Fresno Community for high-risk care.

Katie is my eldest grandnephew's wife - the couple whose wedding we attended last September. She is carrying twins. I ask your prayers for Katie, for dad Jeremy, for the babies, and the whole family. Thanks.


News from Roseann (via Wounded Bird):
Dear Mimi,

It is hard enough to feel so poorly and not knowing why makes it just that much worse. Yet I woke up this morning feeling grace and peace. I sincerely do not think I could survive this trial without the prayers of my family and friends. I was feeling very whiney and abused and shook my fist at God asking what did I do to deserve this. A few hours later I started getting emails and messages from all over the world sending me healing, love and peace. Again I have to ask what did I do to deserve this. The good news for me is I don't get what I deserve. I always get mercy when I deserve judgement, hope when I deserve fear, love when I deserve indifference.

Please pass on the message for me that I am so grateful. I will have more tests done on Monday and then we play the waiting game a little longer to get a diagnosis. Whatever happens I will keep plugging away. Thank you and thank my OCICBW friends for the prayers and kind thoughts.

love, Roseann
Also from Mimi:
Roseann's email address:

--the BB


Earthbound Spirit said...

Of course. Prayers for patience, perseverance, and the best outcome possible. May the medical personnel be guided to offer correct treatment and compassionate care.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers for your loved ones.