Monday, March 30, 2009

A night of mead and knucklebones at cousin Utdar's

I promise not to give endless updates but for now I am being exuberant and trust y'all to indulge me.

This evening I organized my notes for the current book AND finished chapter six. So far it is really all exposition, laying groundwork and reintroducing characters, providing more background for people readers will have met in volumes 1 and 2. Variations of charming domestic scenes with underlying hints of things to come. Also the first appearance of a gay couple in the chronicles. In the next chapter I get to shift toward the genesis of the major conflict to ensue. What fun.

Also an update on the MRI of my right knee: a torn meniscus. I am optimistic about this because it is something that can be dealt with and I look forward to getting strength back in my leg. In three weeks I see the orthopedist.

Older houses need lots of repairs and maintenance. This is not a morbid observation, simply a factual and humorous one. Mercifully I rarely have pain in the knee and I get around fine, but it is swollen and damaged and needs to be fixed. And will be, Deo volente.

--the BB


David said...

nothing wrong with your exuberance Paul
methinks it's but the proof of the rightness of your writing this.

thank-you for the update on the knee- the newswill inform our prayers.

btw that's any awefully fine looking fountain pen, i hope it writes as smoothely as it looks



Paul said...

Thanks, David. It is a lovely pen, isn't it? Though it is just a photo I found online. When I began these tales back in 1972 I did write the first draft by hand (probably with a Bic), then revised a bit as I typed them. Now it is 100% on keyboard at the computer.