Thursday, April 02, 2009

More mead, please!

Margaret wondered, "What happens next?"

Well, we move the scene from the mouth of the Fiona River to a village far to the north on another river where a week-long bachelor party is in progress. I mean, a solemn male-only series of instruction and ritual preparing a young man to become a husband.

In my not-quite-fully egalitarian society, but mostly far more progressive than the society we live in here and now, there is a week-long bachelorette party going on at the same time. Oh, and the bride is the serious dominatrix in this relationship. Yep, I've got some 8th-century kink going on.

Two old friends, widowers and kin, travel far to be part of this.

A couple more chapters of all this tedious domestic bliss before I bring on the drums of war.

Too much mead. Time for bed.

Save your shekels, kittens, I want y'all to buy lots of copies of all ten volumes when this gets published.
--the BB


David said...

lol Paul
and just what would you know about 8th century kink? lol


Paul said...

Precious little, David, since my leather friends all know I am waaaaaay vanilla. But I was in a doctoral program in medieval history, so I know a bit about the 8th century. And in fantasy, of course, the world and its people are whatever I say they are, which is rather a rush. V&V are my straight S&M couple. He always seems to have fresh bruises, poor chap.

it's margaret said...

I like that idea.... and no doubt the women are far more wild than the guys. Always have been!