Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not so much writing this weekend

Though I did get five chapters written last week. Tonight I wrote only a few sentences and then worked on background. I researched the family tree of claimants to the Lion Throne, cut and pasted information on some relationships and rituals, and am now ready to work on the next couple of chapters where themes overlap and the main plot of the first section begins to emerge.

It is really nice to do this and not feel guilty about not studying for Russian. Woohoo.

Went to a fund-raising dinner in Santa Fe last night and got home late, barely woke up in time to get to church today. Had the great pleasure of Sunday dinner with a young family. Their little girl will be baptized in three weeks. The vicar will baptize but I get to preach that day.

The winds have been fierce of late and my allergies have kicked in. I would really like to stay in bed until the windy season is over, but that would not be very productive or lucrative.

Plans were also begun on the menu for Easter dinner.
--the BB

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