Wednesday, April 01, 2009

For Jane R


Jane R said...

Aaaw sweetie. So pretty.

Can't let +Maya near it though. ;-)

Glad I checked in here - at 1:44 a.m. Eastern. Oy, gevalt.

Paul said...

Poisson d'avril!

Get your rest, child!

((( Jane )))

Jane R said...

Y'know, it was so late that I didn't get the poisson d'avril reference in the photo till the morning.

Fear not, I got up late. Also I'd had a nap mid-afternoon. Writing schedule. (Now that the teaching week has ended.)

Thanks again. Fishy, fishy. Prettiest poisson d'avril I've ever seen.

Paul said...

It was late, indeed, when you first saw it. I figured if anyone would get the joke it would be you, but, frankly, I was only half-conscious when I put it up. Glad you got more sleep. I think I need some power naps this weekend.