Sunday, May 03, 2009

This little piggy went to market... - Updated for contrast

... and this little stray sheep stayed home.

I wrote, I weeded, I finished watering the yard, I sprayed Roundup where no weeds or anything else should be growing (but not in the back yard where my gardening is basically organic).

When push came to shove this seemed preferable to dragging my ass to church. Every once in a while I need a holiday and there you have it.

(Yes, knowing I would hear a conservative bishop preach did have something to do with it.)

The yellow rose above is a photo taken today.

A very lush flame seedless grapevine

The Blaze climbing rose

Looking toward the southwest corner

Update: the southwest corner in January

Looking toward the northwest corner

And now for a shower and off to party with family some more!
--the BB

1 comment:

it's margaret said...

(I think I would have stayed home too!)

my word is "extradi" --which is what you were today. Blessings Paul!